In our monthly Marketing Automation Meetup last night we discussed video and it\’s application as a tool for Modern Marketers. Ben O\’Leary, CEO of ICT123 and distributor of Brainshark, a video platform, spoke on this very issue.

ICT123 is an Australian Telstra partner with hundreds of dealers across the country. While the dealers are experts in what they do, for some of them marketing is not their core strength. O\’Leary and his team offer a range of marketing assets to help them get the message about new offers and deals from Telstra and ICT123. They use the Brainshark video platform to build and distribute short, sharp video message that can be easily shared with prospects and customers.

O\’Leary shared that they have seen a distinct bump in business since using video, as against a web page or PDF to share product offers and information.

Where To Start?

Lightbulb Ideas

The consensus from last night\’s Meetup was that the first thing you need to do is see every event as an opportunity to gather video footage and to speak with people. That\’s a paradigm shift for many people, the costs associated with having a videographer attend events can fall into the thousands of dollars and then you have to pay for the editing.


With today\’s available technology, the Marketing team can use a handy cam or even a smart phone to capture video and do the editing at the office on a Mac or PC.

Another key learning from last night is that you don\’t have to spend thousands on a videographer to produce you video content. As long as you have good quality audio and great content, people tend to be forgiving. Just look at the video bloggers with thousands of views on their home produced videos.

Video Blog (Vlog)

It\’s widely agreed that we all need to start video blogging, that\’s a 2014 goal for the team at Marketing Cube. But like you, we\’re almost exhausted at the idea. It seems it will take more time and require more effort. However when you stack up the statistics and compare it with your written blog, it seems we\’re falling behind the eight ball if we don\’t get onboard with video blogging.

In his October 2013 blog (not Vlog), Andrew Groff shared some interesting insight:

Blogging is great because it gives your company an opportunity to express itself as well as inform and update online audiences – all of which are essential marketing tools.

But, with vlogging, or video blogging, incorporating videos into blog posts brings your company\’s online presence to a whole new level. So, instead of posting a blog about the newest line of products or the most innovative services your company has to offer, vlog instead.

Likewise, as far as customer questions go, responding in a vlog post is much more effective than just replying to a customer\’s comment via the written format.

It\’s Seems We All Need to \’Vlog\’

Well its great news for YouTube and whomever is hosting your content, we all need to start \’vlogging\’. From a B2B perspective, blogging is a great way to reach your buyer as they research your products or services. Ensure your blog or vlog makes it easy for people to find you, engage with you or to pick up the phone and call you.

Have you starting vlogging? We\’ll do our best to join you in this must do chapter of content marketing.