Technical Design &
Support Services

The team at Marketing Cube has a range of Oracle CX Marketing certifications and brings a level of depth and skill to support your marketing team. In addition, our team will always be well informed of Oracle CX Marketing changes and enhancements, ensuring your team is on the cutting edge of marketing automation.

Services Overview

Marketing Cube can support your organisation in a variety of ways. We can install Oracle CX Marketing, we can help you build your first campaigns and integrate it with your chosen CRM.

We can then either hand you the keys or you may want to engage our agency or professional services teams to support you or even outsource your Marketing Automation completely.

We can engage with you in any way that suits you.


Our team of Oracle CX Marketing certified implementation experts will support you from the initial set-up through your everyday campaign needs.

You provide us with your ideas and we’ll help you determine how Oracle CX Marketing can execute your campaign.

Marketing Automation & Customer Success

Our Customer Success team will spend time helping you discover Oracle CX Marketing and best practice Marketing Automation.

As you design your campaigns, we will help you connect your campaign objectives with Oracle CX Marketing’s rich functionality.

Custom Implementation

If your organisation has a complex set of requirements or you believe our range of SmartStart packages may not meet your business needs, we can accommodate your unique requirements through our custom implementation service.

HTML & Technical Support

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua’s easy user interface means non-HTML marketers can do so much more, faster and easier than with other platforms.

Eloqua provides options for all users with drag-and-drop interfaces to build emails, landing pages, and forms.

For your HTML savvy team members, they can use their skills to build emails, landing pages, and forms.

Our Oracle CX Marketing certified team is available to provide support at whatever level is needed, either providing advice or to completely outsource your campaign requirements.

What do our customers say?

Our range of support packages empowers your team to get up to speed while providing the right level of support they need to get the job done.

You may choose to outsource Eloqua campaign development to Marketing Cube, or you may choose a combined solution to help your team learn as they go.

Our team has a rich set of skills to help you with your various CRM integrations. Whether you use Oracle Sales Cloud, NetSuite, Salesforce CRM or other CRM solutions, our team can support you ensuring the insight gathered through Eloqua is shared with your sales and customer service/contact centre teams.

“While it’s a long road to Utopia, marketing automation has already enabled UpSkilled to drive business growth and customer service.

Thanks to Eloqua, and the team at Marketing Cube, UpSkilled’s marketing team now has the time to spend on innovation, optimising campaign performance, and support.

Marketing Cube is proud to be an…