Eloqua Coaching & Training

If you’re using Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua today, we promise we can help you get more out of your investment with the world’s leading Marketing Automation application. Since 2007 we’ve been supporting local and global brands get more from their Eloqua campaigns. Our team of Customer Success coaches and technical team can support you in a range of ways.

What type of training or support are you looking for?

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End User Training for the team.

We offer a range of options and delivery methods to ensure your team gets the most from their Eloqua training.

Eloqua Administrator Training.

Generally part of our implementation process, Administrator training can take place at any time that suits your team.

Turning your Strategy into a winning campaign

Our Customer Success team bring many years of experience in both Eloqua & marketing.

One-on-One Modern Marketing Coaching

Coaching sessions can be face-to-face or via webinar. We have a range of options that will best suit you.

Perhaps your global head office has just purchased Eloqua and the extent of your training has been a few links to some webinars or you’ve been using Eloqua for some time, but you’re looking for a way to lift the general skill set of the team.

At Marketing Cube, we can tailor end user training for one person, or for a much larger marketing team. 

Our end user training workshops are designed to help you take advantage of the key components of Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua that will deliver best return for your team.

Don’t spend hours of time on webinars that generally cover everything, when spending a half day on a specific campaign with our Customer Success Coaches will deliver a positive business and human capital outcome today.

Stay up to date with Eloqua Releases, subscribe today.

Our Customer Success team are well connected with the Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Product Marketing team. They evaluate Eloqua release details, summarise what’s important and get details to our customers and subscribers on a quarterly basis.