Get more value from your data, with smart integration

The benefits of integrating your marketing automation platform with your CRM & other systems are significant for a number of reasons. The first reason is that you can say goodbye to excel spreadsheets! The second reason is easy access to your CRM 1st-party data for campaigns.

Why integrate?

Today’s Buyer Journey can take place in minutes or hours. Being in a position to engage with your prospects/customers at the right time is critical to ensuring you meet their demands.

Integrating your marketing automation platform with your CRM and/or financial systems is key to making this happen.

Imagine being able to personalise your emails and landing pages down to the specific product or service your customer purchased this week? The possibilities are endless.

It enhances your CX

Marketing automation allows you to execute trigger-based campaigns based on the live activity of your prospects and customers.

You’re already behind the eight-ball if you rely on daily manual Excel updates or a scheduled sync with a data warehouse.

Oracle Eloqua & Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrate with many CRM systems, providing the data you need to drive a more personalised CX.

Integration services

One of the key strengths of cloud-based marketing automation platforms is the ability to integrate with just about anything. 

Our integration specialists have extensive experience using the full range of integration options available, including:

  • Out-of-the-box connectors
  • Third-party connectors
  • SFTP integration
  • Custom API integrations

Data strategy & planning 

Delivering timely, relevant customer experiences is impossible without the data to support them. However, in a world where data governance and privacy are becoming more critical, you need a well-defined data strategy and plan to ensure that you have the data that matters,  

Our data management services include:

  • Data strategy & planning
  • Data audit & management
  • Preference management
  • Sales & marketing alignment