Campaign Management

We’ll start at the whiteboard and you’ll graduate to live campaigns. The development, design and execution of a campaign takes time & planning. If your existing workload does not leave room for the time you need to dedicate to this skill set, then the team at Marketing Cube can support you in a number of ways.

Your initial campaign design.

It’s easy enough to segment a list of contacts and shoot out an email. The real measure of success is driven by the setting of campaign objectives and the measurement of that campaign when it’s completed.

We will walk you through a design process, the foundation of which is your desired outcome.

What’s the purpose of this campaign? How will you measure success? We’ll then walk through designing the campaign to ensure the best possible outcome and review your existing assets. e.g. images, forms, email language, subject lines etc.

Campaign development & build

Taking advantage of the many functional aspects of marketing automation is where our people will help you make a difference in your campaigns.

Our team of Marketing and Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua or Responsys and Salesforce Marketing Technical Specialists ensures your campaign takes advantage of the rich features from your chosen platform.

Successful outcomes will be dependent on the right people participating in the campaign design and build process.

Furthermore, we’ll challenge your assumptions, share our experience, and ensure a knowledge transfer takes place during the process.

End-User Training

As a starting point, Marketing Cube College provides support for end users with a range of short videos.

Beyond your initial end-user training we find the best way to learn is to combine a real, live campaign with training.

We do this through our various workshops covering strategy, lead scoring, lead nurturing and more

In addition, we can tailor an end-user session to suit your specific needs.

Contact Us today to discover how our team of experts can support your Eloqua or Salesforce Marketing user community.

CRM Integration

Today’s Buyer Journey can take place in minutes or hours.

Being in a position to engage with your prospects/customers at the right time is critical to ensuring you meet their demands.

Integrating your marketing automation platform with your CRM and/or financial systems is key to making this happen.

Imagine being able to personalise your emails and landing pages down to the specific product or service your customer purchased this week.

The possibilities are endless.