Oracle CX Marketing

Tap into the power of Oracle CX Marketing – a suite of solutions designed to enhance your existing CX. With streamlined access to data, these tool bridge gaps and unify systems quickly & efficiently – ushering in a new era of seamless customer engagement through improved marketing automation strategies.

Oracle Cloud CX & Advertising: Driving Top-Line Growth

Oracle Live

Oracle VP Holly Simmons is excited about innovations in Oracle’s cloud-based marketing and advertising solutions.

Hear how customers are using real-time decisioning, microsegmentation, service automation, and conversational selling to drive growth.

Despite a year of uncertainty, many Oracle customers have found a path forward.

They kept pace with technology changes, achieved positive business outcomes, and are positioned for future growth. Want to learn from their experiences? 

Modern Marketers know that reaching their contacts is about diving deep, getting creative, and really engaging with them.

Eloqua has the tools to support those desires – whether you need better connections with customers, a great way to draw in prospects or create an effective strategy for partners and team members alike.

Andrea Dixon, Marketing Director, APAC, DocuSign

What our clients say

“The Marketing Cube team are an exceptional group of customer-centric marketers that challenged us on how we optimise the delivery of our marketing communications and to inspect every level of our buyer and customer journey digging deep into segmentation and personas.

This was a great exercise to build a common set of language for us to use across the business and has given us a clear direction on which parts of the buyer’s journey we need to prioritise and optimise.”

Andrea Dixon
Marketing Director, APAC, DocuSign

Rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, orchestrated marketing allows companies to provide dynamic and individualized customer experiences.

By combining multiple interactions over different channels throughout time, brands can create unforgettable journeys for their customers!

Content Management

In this ever-evolving world, it’s clear that customers want a consistent experience no matter which channel they choose.

That means marketers must be prepared to deliver dynamic and personalised experiences for every customer – with Oracle Content Management being the key ingredient! Get ready to provide truly exceptional interactions across all channels without limits or boundaries.

Wondering how to make the most out of your online marketing budget? Look no further than Oracle Maxymiser – a one-of-a-kind solution that offers unprecedented insights into what works and what doesn’t.

As an industry leader in testing and optimisation, this cutting-edge platform allows you to deliver tailored experiences with maximum efficiency – making sure each dollar spent is put towards reaching those all-important business goals.

For marketers, having an all-encompassing look at customer interactions with a brand through any digital channel in real-time is just the perfect dream.

But Oracle Infinity makes it a reality! This analytics solution taps into big data to provide valuable insight and maximum freedom for informed decisions on how to best engage customers – turning their interactions into invaluable business tools.

Delivering a unified experience for sales, service, marketing and loyalty

Companies need more than just great products and services to stay ahead of the competition – they have to provide a smooth, comprehensive customer experience.

Oracle has found success in this area by introducing cutting-edge solutions for B2B selling, marketing & loyalty programs – so you can make sure your customers get an unbeatable journey every time!

Rob Tarkoff | EVP & GM
Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

Optimizing the customer experience today is not possible without the mix of real time contextual customer data and historic customer data that really only resides in back office systems.

Oracle’s set of comprehensive capabilities across marketing, sales, service, support, supply chain, and ERP provide the opportunity to integrate both front and back office data to truly enable contextual customer experiences at scale.

Alan Webber
Program Vice President of Customer Experience, IDC

Eloqua clients have the ability to integrate with any of the following popular CRM platforms

Oracle Sales CRM

Transitioning high-value, high-touch accounts into lifelong customers requires comprehensive capabilities to transition smoothly from planning and execution through customer onboarding, account management, and support.

Integration with Oracle Sales is available “out of the box” for Eloqua clients.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite customers have access to a range of Oracle Cloud Connectors to assist them with integrating Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua and Oracle NetSuite. We have several clients using Eloqua and NetSuite to drive their marketing efforts.

Salesforce CRM

Integration of Eloqua with Salesforce CRM from is provided “out of the box” meaning once we understand the fields and values you want to move over to Eloqua from Salesforce, it’s no more than a couple of days effort to make that happen.

Microsoft Dynamics

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics is provided “out of the box” meaning once we understand the fields and values you want to move over to Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua from Microsoft Dynamics, it’s no more than a couple of days effort to make that happen.

Oracle Siebel

Integration between Siebel and Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua is via a purpose-built connector.

If your organisation is currently using Siebel Marketing and would like to explore Eloqua in place of, or in addition to Siebel Marketing, this can be achieved via this purpose-built connector.

Oracle CRM On Demand

Integration with Oracle CRM On Demand is provided “out of the box” meaning once we understand the fields and values you want to move over to Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua from Oracle CRM On Demand, it’s no more than a couple of days of effort to make that happen.

Custom Integration – when “out-of-the-box” isn’t what you need

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Direct Connect Custom Integration is ideal for organisations with specific integration needs that are not met with the out-of-the-box one-click integration.

Our experienced team has deployed bi-directional integrations to a wide variety of external systems and will help you to identify your business requirements and deploy an integration solution that fits your needs.

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua’s Web Services Application Programming Interface (API) enables standards-based information exchange, facilitating collaboration and data sharing through Web Services.

Marketing Cube is proud to be an…