Sustainability, the environment, diversity & inclusion

We believe all citizens & businesses have a role to play.

Our approach 

Since 2007 our business has been cloud-centric. From the products we sell to the vendors we select to run our business, cloud-first has been our mantra.

The business does not run a fleet of company vehicles. We have one filing cabinet in the office and its real purpose is to be a place where the multi-function printer sits. We honestly buy a ream of paper about once a quarter.

Our office, Lilyvale Cottage is a heritage-listed building in Sydney’s “The Rocks” region built between 1845 – 1847. The region was settled by the British in 1788 and is on Gadigal land, part of the Eora nation, Australia’s first nations people.

Our business partners & key suppliers

However, we believe we have a responsibility to understand the impact our vendors have both environmentally and more generally as ethical companies. How they treat their staff and the manner in which they work with their suppliers and vendors is also important.

You can visit our primary service providers below to understand their sustainability policies and more.

Why a Sustainability policy makes sense

A business should have a sustainability policy for several reasons. Firstly, adopting sustainable business practices can reduce the negative impact a company has on the environment. This is increasingly important given growing concerns about climate change and resource depletion. By implementing policies to reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, a business can enhance its reputation and appeal to customers who are increasingly eco-conscious.

Secondly, a sustainability policy can also benefit a business financially. Sustainable practices often lead to reduced costs through more efficient use of resources and lower energy consumption. This can lead to improved profitability and a competitive advantage over businesses that are not sustainable.

Thirdly, having a sustainability policy can help attract and retain employees who value sustainability and social responsibility. In addition, many investors are increasingly looking to invest in companies with strong environmental and social policies, so a sustainability policy can improve a company’s access to capital.

Overall, a sustainability policy can benefit a business in multiple ways, including reducing environmental impact, improving financial performance, and enhancing its reputation among customers, employees, and investors.

Equal opportunity, diversity & inclusion

It’s our goal that coming to work each day is a fun and rewarding experience where you’re exposed to great customers, supportive colleagues and products and services that help you deliver a unique customer experience.

Marketing Cube acknowledges the traditional owners of the land we operate on in Sydney, the Gadigal of the Eora nation and across Australia and remind people that we are on Aboriginal land. We also acknowledge the Elders, past, present and emerging.