Our Business Partners

It’s not possible to be in business today, at least in the technology space, and not have an official contractual relationship or at least a friendship with a range of companies. In some cases, even with competitors. 

We realise that in order to help our customers achieve their goals, we will need to work with multiple organisations in the extended ecosystem our customer is part of.

We’re proud to be associated with these organisations in either an official capacity i.e. as a Partner with Oracle CX Marketing, or as a friend where we see synergies between what we do, what they do and what our customers need.

As the leader in modern marketing, Eloqua is now the centrepiece of Oracle CX Marketing. Their innovative marketing automation solutions help modern marketers target the right buyers, easily execute campaigns, get the best leads to sales and deliver the highest return on your marketing investment.

The technology industry is critical to global progress and prosperity, and Oracle’s corporate citizenship initiatives are grounded in our technology leadership. They are committed to using their resources to increase opportunity, protect the environment, advance education, and enrich community life.

Oracle invests more than $4.5 billion in research and development annually. Their technology is built on open and public industry standards, and Oracle engineers drive innovation by participating in 119 standards-setting organisations. Open interfaces, documented specifications, and standards-based development tools lower IT costs, while providing increased choice, interoperability, and flexibility. In addition to open standards, Oracle also contributes to, tests, and supports open source technologies. Java, MySQL, Linux, and VirtualBox are just a few examples of products offered by Oracle in the context of their total, complete, and open technology portfolio.


Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment. Their database, middleware, applications, server, and storage technologies help customers meet their sustainability goals, while providing bottom-line benefits.

Oracle’s sustainability solutions offer an unmatched breadth and depth of capability, and they’re continuing to innovate. 


Oracle Academy is a free educational program that advances computer science globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields. The program supports continuous computer science learning at all levels by providing a variety of free resources including technology, curriculum and courseware, student workshops, educator training, and Oracle industry certification and exam-preparation materials.

Students learn fundamental computer science concepts and develop their IT and business skills using the same software that supports thousands of Oracle customers across multiple industries. Educators keep pace with current technology through free, ongoing professional development.

Giving and Volunteering

Each year Oracle donates millions of dollars to nonprofit organisations that emphasise science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. They also offer grants to organisations with which they volunteer, helping to improve the quality of life in communities where their employees live and work.

Oracle supports its employees’ philanthropy by matching their personal charitable donations. We matched more than US$2.3 million in employee donations in FY16 and FY17.

When a disaster occurs, Oracle matches employee donations to disaster relief dollar-for-dollar. Oracle contributed more than US$60,000 to disaster relief efforts in many areas of the world, including Chile, Italy, Japan, and the United States, in FY16 and FY17.

We are proud of Oracle’s technology leadership and the positive impact their corporate citizenship efforts are having on society. If you would like to share your feedback with Oracle, please contact them at citizenship_ww@oracle.com.

Companies of all sizes are in the midst of digitally transforming everything they do; from the products and services they create to the go-to-market models they employ. For marketing organisations, the landscape is no different.

Cloudwords’ easy-to-use platform connects in minutes, allowing you to get started and drive value immediately. Once connected, users will be able to quickly access assets and assign them for translation in one seamless experience.

While automation is a critical area of focus for global marketing teams, time-consuming, manual processes still exist and contribute to long lead times, errors, and inconsistencies with brand messaging and lost revenue growth opportunities around global campaigns and initiatives.

Cloudwords speeds time to market for campaigns and content on a global scale. By connecting marketing systems and automating project workflow, time-consuming tasks are eliminated, providing unprecedented visibility into globalisation processes.

Whether you are targeting five countries or twenty, Cloudwords helps you deliver more personalised content, in more regions, to more customers, at a speed, quality, and scale impossible to achieve without a completely automated process.

The ON24 Digital Experience Platform makes it easy to create, scale and personalise engaging experiences that drive measurable business growth. 

Today ON24 is converting millions of prospects to buyers for thousands of companies, enabling their customers to monetise engagement. Through ON24 webinar, virtual event, multi-media experiences, they provide a system of engagement for audiences to choose and accelerate their own journeys. ON24 customers then turn that engagement and interest into actionable insights, which enables businesses to scale engagement, conversions and pipeline to drive revenue growth.

“Bringing people together changes everything.

From the start, Salesforce has sought to change the world for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships.

Between companies and their customers. Between employees and far-flung teams. Between governments and their citizens. Between people who want to make a difference.”*

*SOURCE: salesforce.com Our Story

Customers have gone digital, and if you’re not keeping up with them, it could be detrimental to your success.

Don’t miss out on the wealth of opportunities offered by social media channels like chat and messaging – staying active across these experiences is critical for reputation maintenance as well as creating a healthier bottom line.

Tired of manually engaging customers online? Social Engagement & Sales offers an easy solution – let it handle the hard work for you! Streamline your brand’s digital presence with a unified platform that delivers positive experiences no matter where your customers are.

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