Reactive marketing & using behavioural insights

Eloqua Marketing Automation Simplified, The Small Guide to Big Ideas.

The following is an excerpt taken from the Eloqua Marketing Automation Simplified – The Small Guide to Big Ideas.

“The seismic shift from face-to-face to online sales has hindered the ability to see and learn from body language when interacting with prospects. Today’s salespeople are engaging primarily — in many cases exclusively — online and are closely aligning their efforts with the key attributes found in online behaviour. We call this Digital Body LanguageTM.

By analysing and understanding prospect online behaviour — email responses, web page views, social engagement, and other core attributes — marketers have a wealth of insights to personally guide prospects through the buying process.

Marketing Automation

The notion of understanding buyers is no longer based on information that the sales team types into a sales force automation (SFA) system. It’s now based on information that’s gathered from all buyer interactions.

As we learn more about buyers across all touch points such as events, webinars, social, and video, we gain a deeper understanding of their Digital Body Language and have many more predictive insights than from their SFA record.

When marketers can automate the marketing process taking into account a potential buyer’s Digital Body Language, they will be able to triumph over their biggest challenges:

  1. Increase revenue performance with qualified marketing leads.
  2. Align marketing to sales with process and system integration.
  3. Boost demand generation efficiency and effectiveness. Demonstrate marketing value and accountability. Establish a Modern Marketing system of record.

Social media sites are a hub for information gathering, primarily because the distribution of that information is through trusted networks and communities. As social media users, we review a constant flow of information from friends, family, and colleagues. This information passes the test because it’s trustworthy or particularly interesting.

Social media has added another component to the buying process as a result.

Understanding who is participating in social media conversations that concern your brand is an indicator of interest, and potentially, intent. If someone is polling your followers for information on your brand, it’s usually an indicator that they are involved in a buying decision.

If sales can see when a hot prospect is sharing your content, they can get better insight into the topics and content that is important to that buyer. Social media offers visibility into key behavioural attributes, allowing marketers to leverage extended channels for lead generation and brand building. Social media enables marketing organisations to capture:

  1. Social profile and behavioural data on leads.
  2. Common attributes, connections, or sharing behaviours to support segmentation strategy.
  3. Relevant conversation monitoring to improve sharing tactics.”

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