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Our range of apps, solutions & expertise will help ensure you keep your customers at the heart of your CX strategy

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Form Optimisation

Smarter 1st-party data collection – a better foundation for AI

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Event Communications

CX-centred design applied to your event communications & check-in

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Sales & Marketing unification

In today’s data-rich world, sales & marketing alignment isn’t enough

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Asset styling

Are all of your marketing automation campaigns on-brand? All of them?

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NPS & C-SAT surveys

Deliver NPS & C-SAT surveys on-brand every time with marketing automation

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NPS data sitting externally to your marketing automation platform isn't necessary. Use your 1st-party data to personalise campaigns.

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Strategic Services

Reaching your audience with the right message at the right time and in the right channel requires some thinking and work.

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Campaign management

Our Oracle and Salesforce-certified team can help you with aspects of your campaign design, or you can outsource the entire campaign build to us. 



Our team of Marketing professionals bring expertise unique to marketing automation, offering you a superior experience with each interaction. Our certified Oracle CX Marketing & Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts are equipped to support you in optimising your overall business strategy through customer-focused results.

Technical services

The team at Marketing Cube has a range of Oracle CX Marketing & Salesforce Marketing Cloud certifications bringing a deep level of skill & expertise to support your marketing team. In addition, our team will always be well-informed of changes and enhancements, ensuring your team is on the cutting edge of marketing automation.

Data & integration

The benefits of integrating your marketing automation platform with your CRM & other systems are significant for a number of reasons. The first reason is that you can say goodbye to excel spreadsheets! The second reason is easy access to your CRM 1st-party data for campaigns.

Coaching & training

Marketing Cube College provides clients with support & services to help them get more out of the platform

From one-on-one coaching to training for teams, our sessions are tailored to your needs and linked with business outcomes.

Oracle CX Marketing & Advertising.
Marketing Cube is proud to be a Salesforce Partner | Marketing Cloud.
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