Marketing Automation & Customer Success

Your ability to get the most out of Oracle CX Marketing is driven by the skill and expertise of your Marketing team. Your team are experts at what they do, however Marketing Automation and specifically Oracle Marketing Cloud brings a new level of function and capability to the table.

Understanding what’s possible.

We currently engage with customers in a variety of ways. For some customers, they will share their campaign plan with us and seek our input to ensure they’re using Oracle CX Marketing’s rich functionality to deliver the best possible outcome of the campaign.

This usually takes place in the form of a brief, often with their ad agency. We work together to ensure the right data is captured and acted on.

We’ll explore reporting and if appropriate, explore the CRM integration and determine where data should flow.

A skills transfer is essential.

While not traditional end-user training, it’s usually the outcome of consulting sessions with the Customer Success team that your Oracle CX Marketing users will pick up new ways of doing things.

The Customer Success team make sure that your team is aware of these tips & tricks and ensure a skills transfer takes place to empower your team to replicate specific functions in the future.

How would you like to engage?

Our team brings a mix of capability to the table. Our technical team will support you with more advanced requirements e.g. functionality that may not be “out of the box” and may require additional coding.

Our Customer Success team are there to help you with the core Eloqua functionality and provide advice and direction about the best way to do something.

As with most software, there are multiple ways to do things. However, some offer advantages over the other and that’s where the Customer Success team come into play.

Explore a selection of our consulting workshops.

Eloqua & Strategy 101

This two-day workshop is designed to lift marketing users to Modern Marketers with a focus on both the Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua platform and also the strategy associated with the rich level of functionality they have available to them.

Each workshop is tailored to the audience and can be adjusted as necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for all attendees.

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Eloqua Lead Nurturing 101

The concept of nurturing is both a pre-sale and post-sale strategy. From a pre-sales point of view, Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua enables you to personalise each engagement for prospects and deliver an improved Customer Experience.

As buyer behaviour has changed it’s now more critical than ever before for Modern Marketers to engage with prospects and customers on their own terms.

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Eloqua Lead Scoring 101

As more companies begin to understand the need for a clear Customer Experience (CX) strategy, lead scoring is one way to gain the insight needed to better manage prospect and customer engagement.

Lead Scoring empowers the Marketing team to nurture prospects with personlised campaigns then deliver marketing qualified leads to the sales team. 

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Marketing Automation Consulting

It’s easy to become insular in our campaign execution and potentially repeat the same type of communications over and over. You probably have an annual or at least a quarterly marketing plan in place.

As you break that plan into campaigns, we can start to look at how Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua can help you better execute and engage with prospects and customers. 

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