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Marketing Automation

These replays cover a range of topics like Sales & Marketing Alignment, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation Strategy and more. If you’re an Eloqua customer or perhaps you’re looking at Eloqua as a solution, these on-demand webinars will provide insight. Or, perhaps you’re using another marketing automation platform, you will still find this content insightful. 

ABM and Automation

Discover how using marketing automation in your ABM program can increase deal size, drive greater revenue, improve campaign attribution and create a better overall customer experience. READ MORE

Leads – Quality vs. Quantity

View this on-demand webinar now to discover how you can improve your lead management process by incorporating marketing automation with lead acquisition, nurturing and scoring. READ MORE

Marketing Automation Fundamentals

Marketing automation streamlines and manages communications throughout the buyer’s journey. At its best, marketing automation is a combination of strategy and technology that delivers personalised messages to the right contact at the right time. READ MORE

Design for Automation

Getting the most out of your marketing automation platform and taking your campaigns to the next level, requires a strong marketing automation strategy. Let’s set the technology aside for a moment… READ MORE

Getting in sync with Sales

This panel discussion outlines how we got to where we are with Marketing & Sales misalignment and what you can do using automation at your orgnaisation to improve alignment and start heading in the right direction. READ MORE

Moving in-person events online

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an increasing number of enquiries about combining marketing automation & webinars from many clients across various industries. READ MORE

Eloqua User Group

The Eloqua User Group is held twice monthly and is open to anyone currently using Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua. The webinar is generally held in the fourth week of the month, live from Sydney, Australia.

Two live webinars are delivered during business hours for the Asia Pacific region and the Americas/EMEA.

Subscribe to the Eloqua User Group today and you’ll always receive notes following each event. Come along, ask your questions and network online. Access any of the replays below and you’ll be subscribed. You can manage your subscriptions and preferences via the links in all of our email footers.

Building smarter Eloqua Segments will deliver a richer, more magical CX

Your ability to create a targeted audience for your campaigns is enhanced when you use Eloqua’s Segment filters and don’t simply rely on uploaded excel files. 

Read further on our Blog

Tips to help you deliver on-brand campaigns

During this recent User Group, we covered a variety of ways to speed your campaign build through more effective use of templates and ways to improve branding consistency with templates. READ MORE

Eloqua Multi-step Campaigns

When you begin any planning process, it’s always helpful to take a look back so you can get a better idea of what’s ahead. Making time to review and analyse past campaigns, determine why some succeeded and why some didn’t perform as expected, is a healthy way to start the year. READ MORE

Manage Campaign Attribution with Eloqua

If Marketing Cube has attribution on the ‘to-do’ list, then this on-demand Eloqua User Group will help provide answers and point you in the right direction. The road to attribution requires some foundation work and along the way, there are some easy wins to provide better quality reporting more generally. READ MORE

Eloqua Insight, helping you plan for 2020

When you begin any planning process, it’s always helpful to take a look back so you can get a better idea of what’s ahead. Making time to review and analyse past campaigns, determine why some succeeded and why some didn’t perform as expected, is a healthy way to start the year. READ MORE

Welcome to Eloqua Content Blocks

Delivered in May 2o2o, Eloqua Release 20B saw the addition of a range of new functions. Content Blocks was the big news, a fast way to drag and drop pre-styled and configured content. A time-saver for many end-users. Additional features include updates to the YouTube/Vimeo app making the addition of video to Landing Pages a breeze. READ MORE

Sailing tips for Modern Marketers

Is your organisation leveraging Eloqua’s automation? It’s easy to fall into a “set-and-forget” headspace allowing Eloqua to work some magic on your campaigns. However, Modern Marketers know that observing behaviour, analysing data and making slight changes in their course can produce a significant impact on campaign outcomes. READ MORE

Subscribe to the Eloqua User Group today

What have customers said about the Eloqua User Group?

“Just wanted to send you a note to say I finally got around to watching one of the webinar replays this afternoon. It was great, I learnt so much in the hour and it answered quite a few questions I have thought about in the past. It was the September replay which I watched and the upcoming rumours were really interesting, especially the multi-channel capability. “

Sarah – Marketing Operations Manager (UK)
Global IT Services Partner

The Eloqua Form Design Editor

Once you understand the fundamentals of Eloqua Forms, you will then be in a position to see how they can help you automate more, personalise more and build a richer profile of the people you’re engaging with.

Are you engaging your entire database?

Less-active or inactive Contacts are a challenge for all email marketers. The challenge is to re-engage these people, entice them back into activity, have them respond to offers by sharing your content and for your brand to be front and centre in their decision making processes.

Hands-on with Eloqua, practical tips for users

Reviewing logged Service Requests has revealed some patterns of enquiry, questions about certain Eloqua functions. There’s every chance a question you have about Eloqua has been answered in this User Group Replay.

Back to the basics: Email Design Editor

While Eloqua provides you with a wide range of functionality, much of your work and method of communication will circle around the Email Editors. Watch this replay to refresh your use of the Email Design Editors.

Oracle CX events

Oracle Eloqua product briefing series & more

If you’re looking to understand what’s coming up with platform enhancements e.g. the next release, these webinar replays are updated on a regular basis and provide a road map view for Eloqua customers.

You can watch replays of the sessions, however, you will need to login to Topliners to access the replays. If you don’t have a FREE Oracle ID, click here and then click on REGISTER in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

*You will need access to Eloqua Insiders to view these replays. You can request access once you login to Topliners. It will speed the access approval process if you’re using your work email address with your Topliners account. Eloqua Insiders is for Oracle Eloqua clients only.