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Q&A – Your questions answered

“Hey Derek. What kind of apps are best for Event registrations based on what other users use?”

-Samantha, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia


The answer to your question may require a few more questions. For example:

  • Are you just after ticketing?
  • Is there a need for e-commerce e.g. are you selling tickets?
  • Do you have a need to manage venue capacity?
  • Do you require the ticketing data to flow into Eloqua e.g. to a Custom Data Object?

While Eloqua can easily manage event registration, the general reason we see clients looking at “Event” apps is that their needs sometimes extend beyond event registration. 

If there’s no need for e-commerce, don’t underestimate Eloqua’s native/out-of-the-box ability to manage the entire event registration process.

Apps like CVENT are Eventbrite are popular. In addition, if you have a chosen Event Management application you use and it’s cloud-based, there’s every chance Marketing Cube could assist you to build an integration.