Post-Go-Live or ‘newbie’ Eloqua Training

This training is designed to follow your initial implementation of Oracle Eloqua. This training is generally part of our implementation services and is heavily tailored to your specific needs.

Build your Modern Marketing team with certified Eloqua Trainers

In consultation with your CMO, Marketing Directors and L&D if appropriate, we will develop a training program that specifically suits your organisation.

Our team draws on many previous engagements with a wide range of organisations. Our experience with global and domestic, enterprise and SME organisations allows us to draw on range of end user training solutions.

Our key focus is to ensure the training for your team is practical, that they leave the training workshop with campaigns ready to activate.

Our approach varies based on your individual needs.

We find the most effective way to transfer knowledge is to “chunk” the information down and provide practical experiences to reinforce specific functional areas of Eloqua.

Half day sessions are typically enough to start. Half day sessions can then be delivered over a 3-6 six week period or a time-frame that best suits your team.

Our objective is to guide you and your team to successful outcomes, and ensure a great ongoing experience of your new Eloqua platform.

Quality End-User Training delivers better Campaign Performance.

Marketing Cube offers a tailored approach to training Eloqua users, because we appreciate that the level of training may differ across your team.

Some may need deep end-user training while others might require a more strategic view of how Eloqua can support your organisation’s marketing strategy.

This initial end-user training, included as part of our implementation services for new Eloqua customers, provides the best possible experience for your team.

We’ve provided Eloqua training to these and other organisations.

Eloqua 101 & Strategy Workshop

Once the team is comfortable with the Eloqua basics, it’s time to stretch their thinking & campaign design.

This two day workshop is designed to lift marketing users to Modern Marketers with a focus on both the Eloqua platform and also the strategy associated with the rich level of functionality they have available to them.

Each workshop is tailored to the audience and can be adjusted as necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for all attendees.