Form optimisation

Forms are among the most powerful components of a marketing automation platform. They are fundamental to your data strategy and vital to the user experience

Are you forms delivering the best possible CX? As a key entry point for first party data, you need to get it right.

Are you maximising your marketing automation forms?

Pain points.

These pain points can make or break a marketer’s CX goals & strategic plans

Inconsistent data 
Spam form submissions
Poor user experience
Low form conversion rates
Compliance risk
Outdated forms/fields
Lack of pre-population
Repeated form fields


If you’re aiming to achieve benefits like these, take a look at the solution below

Consistent strategic data collection
Minimise spam submissions
Optimised user experience
Increased conversion rates
Reduced compliance risk
Improved form governance
Form pre-population 
Contextual form design
Progressive profiling

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Strategic Services.

Let’s apply some strategic thinking to your form review

  • What types of forms are you using today?  Contact us, event registration, surveys, preference centre
  • Where to start: Form audit
  • Defining the data that matters – mandatory vs optional fields
  • Reduce automated form fills & spam
  • Compliance & governance – preference management
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Stop form friction in its tracks!

Our data-driven form optimisation services tackle your specific challenges, from clear compliance to user-friendly preference centres. We help you unlock the full potential of forms across all your campaigns, boosting conversions and user engagement.

Form audit

As the entry point for organic 1st-party data, your Marketing Automation Forms can be an influential virtual marketing team member. An audit will help uncover duplication, processing errors or missed opportunities to maximise the automation, provide specific advice on ways to improve your data capture and look at ways to optimise your use of forms.

Data compliance & governance

Working with global clients, we appreciate and have experience designing marketing automation forms that comply with your opt-in regulations, subscription and preference management processes. 

Preference & Subscription centre review

How you obtain preferences and subscription choices from your audience can mean the difference between a person staying engaged or entirely opting out. Your marketing automation platform has to own this information. This is not a task for the CMS or CRM. If you’re unsure why, let’s chat today.

Form management review
& recommendations

This service helps you move all of the above to business as usual (BAU). We can provide advice and design and build these new forms for you. Implementing a range of form templates for the team to choose from can be the difference between sloppy, non-compliant data and clean, compliant data.

Form maturity

You are most likely familiar with how to integrate your marketing automation forms with your CMS, it’s a great function and ensures you avoid data silos with personally identifiable information (PII) floating across various platforms.

It’s generally the case, though, that the richest of form functionality comes from using marketing automation forms with your marketing automation landing pages.

Give us 30 minutes and we can explain why.

File upload via your marketing automation forms is easy & secure 

You can also provide people with the option to upload files via your Eloqua forms

If your campaign requires the ability to receive uploaded files, images, PDFs, etc, we can help you make this happen

Uploaded files are safe & secure

Most marketing automation platforms scan all uploaded images and files before adding them to your platform.

In most cases, these file formats are supported:

  • The maximum size for an upload in File Storage is 10 MB.
  • The maximum size for an upload in Images is 50 MB.
  • Image files: .jpg or .jpeg or .jpe, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tif or .tiff
  • Web files: HTML (.htm or .html or .css), JavaScript (.js), XML (.xml)
  • Media files: .swf, .wmv, .aiff, .au, .mp3, .wma, .mp4, .avi, .asf, .rm, .mpeg, .mpeg-4, and .mov
  • Documents: Microsoft Word (97-2010 [and Mac 2011] .doc and .docx), Microsoft Excel (97-2010 [and Mac 2011] .xls, .xlsx and .csv), Microsoft PowerPoint (97-2010 [and Mac 2011], either .ppt or .pptx) files, PDF (.pdf), and text (.txt).
    Calendar files: ICS (.ics)
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Campaign Services.

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