On-brand asset styling

The visual representation of your brand is a powerful way to deliver a consistent CX & UX. 

Your Marketing Automation assets should mirror your brand guidelines, just like your website, printed materials, and other branded assets.

Are your marketing automation campaigns on-brand, everytime?

Most marketers already have their emails looking slick, on-brand & consistent, but what about your landing pages?

Pain points.

These pain points can make or break a marketer’s CX goals & strategic plans

Inconsistent and off-brand landing pages
Poor Customer Experience (CX)
Inconsistent User Experience (UX)
Slow landing page build times
Broken landing page links
Poor SEO


If you’re aiming to achieve benefits like these, take a look at the solution below

On-brand and consistent landing pages
Improved Customer Experience (CX)
Consistent User Experience (UX)
Faster Landing Page build times
Landing page templates
Improved SEO

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Strategic Services.

Using your Marketing Automation’s Landing Page functionality in place of your CMS or third-party apps makes sense

  • Landing Pages can be live quickly, literally in minutes if necessary, without battling with IT about website/CMS edits, changes, etc.
  • They can also be taken down quickly, perfect for campaign deadlines, expiration dates, etc.
  • They can be on-brand & meet the exact accessibility requirements of your website/CMS & you can bypass IT.
  • On-brand assets subtly convey an air of security, reliability and safety for those familiar with your brand. There’s no question as to the authenticity of your digital assets for the more discerning visitor.
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Deliver a seamless CX & UX with on-brand Landing Pages

Marketing Automation platforms like Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement & Marketo provide hosted landing pages for easy integration with email campaigns.

If you’re not maximising these assets today, why?

Landing page asset styling

Our service includes the installation of the appropriate styling to match your CMS CSS. This includes, but not is limited to:

  • H1, H2, H3 etc fonts
  • Stylising of buttons
  • Stylising of images
  • Consistent Form display
  • On-brand fonts
  • Header/menu
  • Footer design
  • Links to social sites

Build consistent templates

Once you lock in the design aspects and the CSS is applied, you will need a range of templates for your team to easily access. The end goal is that users don’t need to adjust code in any way, they simply access assets from a template library and get on with building on-brand assets.

We will create these templates for you as part of this service.

Email asset styling

If your emails aren’t looking slick, on-brand & consistent, we can also help you with those.

Look closely at these two identical landing pages.

The two landing pages below are created from a template. One template incorporates CSS, and the other does not. In this case, our on-brand font is Raleway, as shown on the left. The page on the right is Helvetica, a standard font from our marketing automation platform.

The hero image or banner is an image, and there as a placeholder. Including the pixel dimensions and standard branding in the placeholder is an easy way to communicate branding guidelines to your user community.

This page has CSS applied

  • The Font being displayed is Raleway
  • The Form has rounded corners, and the Form button has been styled to conform to our style guide
  • The Form also contains a “Not you? Click here” link
  • The Marketing Cube merged cubes are displayed as a watermark in the footer area
  • Notice the browser tab includes the Marketing Cube emoticon

This page has NO CSS applied

  • The Font being displayed is Helvetica, a default font
  • The Form has no styling applied
  • The Form does not contain a “Not you? Click here” link
  • The Marketing Cube merged cubes are not displayed in the footer area
  • Notice the browser tab does not include the Marketing Cube emoticon
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Campaign Services.

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