Optimise your Event communications

Event communications are integral in driving registrations & attendance. They can also elevate the event experience by reminding people where they need to be & pave the way for timely & relevant post-event communications.

Why optimise your events?

Pain points.

These pain points can make or break a marketer’s CX goals & strategic plans

Manual event management processes
Inconsistent event communications
Start each event from scratch
Low event registration 
Poor event attendance 
Manual attendee list uploads
Complicated check-in process
Disconnected event experiences
No reporting / ROI


If you’re aiming to achieve benefits like these, take a look at the solution below

Timely relevant communications
Templated and consistent event templates
Increased registrations
Improved event attendance
Seamless check-in processes
Connected event experiences 
High reporting / ROI

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Strategic Services.

These services will help you deliver a more personalised CX as part of your next event

  • SMS Reminders: An absolute necessity for an outstanding event CX. SMS is the last bastion of our digital privacy. People read their SMS messages. Include links to map services to make it easy for guests to get to your venue.
  • Personalised Event Planners: Allow registrants to plan their day for your event. They can select from various sessions and access their schedule at any time, and you can capture all of this data for hyper-personalised communications at each stage of your event, pre-event, on the day, and post-event.
  • QR code solutions: Automatically issue a unique QR code for each registrant and share it in their confirmation and reminder emails. This seriously speeds check-in on the day.
  • Webinar platform integrations: Any integration aims to enhance your insight between two or more platforms. Combining first-party data gathered from events, the CRM and marketing automation platforms provide a richer view of a buyer. We can help you understand this data and develop actionable insights.
  • Reports & dashboards: Events are a superb way of gathering first-party data. The value comes from understanding the data and presenting it to the marketing team and the organisation more broadly in a way that can be actioned. We can help you develop reports and dashboards to do this.
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Drive a personalised CX from registration through to post-event communications

Marketing automation can do more than drive registrations. Executed well, the entire process can be fully automated. However, we find some marketers are nervous about making this happen. Let us help you.

Event communications strategy

Personalised, timely event communications, tailored to your different audiences will drive registration, attendance and post-event engagement to maximise your chance of successful event outcomes.

Long before the first guest arrives, your communications strategy should drive all aspects of the invitation campaign design.

Are you thinking ahead to post-event communications and follow-up campaigns and asking the questions at the point of registration to help drive a more personalised CX? 

Single & multiple venue event management

The single most significant change you can make to your event registration process for your users is the creation of templates, which also ensures a consistent CX for your audience.

More intelligent use of your marketing automation can deliver a fully automated experience without manually sending confirmation emails, checking registered numbers against capacity, or creating new campaigns when sales ask you to invite 160 additional prospects after you’ve gone live.

Want to know how? Contact us today.

Webinar event management & integration with ON24, ZOOM etc.

One key benefit of integrating your chosen webinar platform with your marketing automation platform is delivering an on-brand experience.

Some webinar platforms also allow you to import engagement data, such as minutes viewed, replays accessed, etc., into your marketing automation platform.

We’ve worked with many clients to help them maximise the benefits of webinar & marketing automation integration.

Event communications templates

While each event will cover different topics, the CX you deliver should be consistent. 

Your audience will come to know how you deliver an event invitation campaign. Consistency has great value.

Your unique CX can be templated in most aspects: the look and feel of your emails, the form you present to capture a registration, and the confirmation landing page and email.

Your post-registration reminder to attend emails and/or SMS can also be included in this process, ensuring a fully automated event registration process.

Why templates should be used.

  1. Branding consistency: Your brand has value & should be presented in a consistent way.
  2. CX consistency: we’re all creatures of habit
  3. Time-saving: you can focus on your copy and visual assets to reinforce the event objectives and expected outcomes.

Our QR Code service speeds up the event check-in process & delivers an accurate & immediate update directly into Eloqua

How it works…

On the day of the event, Marketers can check in guests using their mobile device’s built-in QR Code Scanner. No special app is required.

Once the QR Code has been scanned, Eloqua submits a blind form and updates a CDO, Shared Lists, Contact details etc. 

You could even send a “welcome” email to the attendee with a link to their agenda for the day. Let them know what’s on the menu or where to find the best coffee at the venue.

Your imagination is the only limit.

Step 1

Your target Contact completes the registration form.

Step 2

Eloqua sends the confirmation email with a unique QR Code in the email as an image.

Step 3

On arrival, your guest’s QR code is scanned & their attendance is captured.

How our QR Code check-in solution helped Kroll

Women checking in at an event

We have a better understanding of who attended and who didn’t. Walk-in guests have a better customer experience because our staff is focused on getting them checked in since the check in process for registered guests is streamlined.”

Nicole McKillop
Director of Integrated Marketing
Kroll, LLC

Will your next event deliver a memorable experience?

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Campaign Services.

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