Sometimes your needs are a little unique, we call this Custom Implementation.

While our implementation packages will suit the majority of customers, your organisation may have specific needs. We can build a custom implementation plan for your organisation if needed.

Your success is our measurement of a job well done.

As a part of the initial implementation process, Marketing Cube will help your team get a couple of campaigns up and running. These will be built as part of the initial end-user training to give you a hands-on experience with Oracle CX Marketing or Marketing, with our experts right beside you.


Marketing automation provides rich and comprehensive reports to measure every conceivable aspect of your campaigns.

These reports can be set to automatically email to team members regardless of their access to the system.

Making sense of the information you see is fundamental in using it effectively, so we’ll take you through a range of reports to help you understand how to best measure the performance of your campaigns.

Administrator Training

Your marketing automation administrator is typically found within the Marketing Team, not IT.

This person will require a basic level of technical knowledge but should be someone who understands the Marketing aspects of your organisation.

Marketing Cube can also serve as an outsourced administrator should your team be too small and perhaps not have the skill set to fill this role.

End-User Training

Led by our technical team, initial end-user training will ensure your team is competent with the basics of marketing automation.

This includes logging in, all aspects of basic campaign development, segmentation, building emails and landing pages as well as the development of forms.

Customer Success

The idea of coaching is to support someone who has a degree of skill, by giving them constructive guidance to improve that skill.

Our coaches will help your team take the knowledge and skills they have today and enhance them with the rich functionality marketing automation can deliver.

Coaching is about understanding your business goals and your campaign designs, and then helping your team execute those plans.

Basic end-user training on Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua or Marketing functionality is a prerequisite.

Creating a unique CX

Keeping the prospect and customer at the centre of what we do is a worthy objective, however, in the past, technology and rigid business processes have sometimes got in the way. Not any more.

With the flexibility and ease of use of most marketing automation platforms, technology is no longer an inhibitor, but rather an enabler.

Our team of Customer Success Coaches will constantly help you keep the customer at the centre of your objectives driving a unique CX.