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Reaching your audience with the right message at the right time and in the right channel requires some thinking and work.

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“If you ask people what they want, they’ll say a faster horse.”

– Henry Ford

The way your customers buy from you has changed. To stay relevant, you need to adapt. To innovate. To set the pace.

That takes strategic and technical know-how.

The CMO’s essential marketing success partner.

Leading disruptor and innovator brands are driving customer experience (CX) which in turn, impacts the expectations they have of you.

At the same time, marketing technologies are rapidly developing on a global scale and at a pace that few companies can keep up with.

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Marketing Cube’s Design For Automation™ framework brings together strategy and execution, to create unique and meaningful customer experiences that deliver to the bottom line.

It puts the customer at the centre of everything you do while enabling cross-functional alignment and return on investment.

Complete the Design for Automation mini-assessment today to identify strengths and gaps in your marketing automation strategy and processes.

Marketing Strategy

From connecting your business goals with your marketing objectives to understanding your competitive landscape and the resources available to you, your marketing strategy should provide a clear and measurable blueprint for your short and long-term achievements. Without this, you’re likely delivering disconnected and undifferentiated customer experiences.

Strategic Services.

Business and marketing strategic alignment

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Brand vision and values development

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Competitive landscaping

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Capabilities review and recommendations

What our clients say

Carré Le Page, VP Marketing, Corporate Division, Flight Centre Travel Group.

Carré Le Page
VP Marketing, Corporate Division, Flight Centre Corporate Travel

“The team at Marketing Cube supported Corporate Traveller Canada and USA to develop a detailed and full-scope strategic approach to our automation practices.

I found the approach to be methodical and comprehensive, even when faced with the challenges of workshopping remotely across several (4) international borders.

Once we’d created detailed personas and mapped each customer journey, Marketing Cube then supported our automation strategy to best utilize these outputs strategically.

I found their knowledge and understanding of email strategy, content development and best automation practices to be critically valuable in the development and execution of our lead nurture campaign.”

Discover customer insights from your data.

Understanding who your audiences are and how they like to engage with you across all touchpoints is fundamental to delivering exceptional and frictionless customer experiences.

This starts with understanding the data and the insights you have today, and defining how you will collect and leverage the critical data points you need to enhance your customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping

Your customer journey is not just a series of touch-points. It’s an appreciation of the whole.

Recognition of your brand and the value you bring to your customers, at the right time, in the right channels, with the right messages – not just through a series of transactions, but via a cohesive journey.

Using new and existing customer research, internal focus groups and workshops, this process helps us to define the moments that matter to your audience and drive strategic value.

We’ll help you to identify the key stages in your customer journey, develop personas to put yourselves in your customer’s shoes, and then map them across your customer journey to develop a deep understanding of the moments that matter and where to prioritise to deliver an improved customer experience.

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Customer Experience Planning

This is where strategy transitions into exceptional execution. But. it’s also often where we see marketers paralysed. The key is to break your customer journey into manageable campaigns and to start simply and optimise along the way.

Leveraging our marketing automation experience of over 10 years, we can help you identify automated campaigns required to deliver a seamless customer experience at each stage of your customer journey.

At Marketing Cube, we believe that Oracle CX Marketing is the superior marketing automation tool and it is our specialisation. However, the following deliverables can be applied to most marketing automation platforms:

Seagulls flying over the beach.

Content Strategy

Today’s ‘always on’ consumer expects your content to reflect context – to be relevant to time and place, personalised and engaging.

A good content strategy has a healthy mix of content that will inspire, entertain, educate and convince target audiences. 

Whether proprietary, syndicated or user-generated, you should have a plan to repurpose, reuse and recycle.

We can help you to understand your audience at each stage of your customer journey and then align them to the most appropriate personas, channels and assets, as well as your brand personality.

Managing Success

No CX design is successful without the ability to measure the outcomes and manage stakeholder expectations.

Knowing what good looks like often requires a specialist partner, at least until you can build expertise in-house. Structuring your team for success and effectively managing change requires a commitment over the longer term. We can assist with the following:

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