We need our CRM and our Marketing Automation platforms to talk to one another


If you choose to integrate your CRM, like 90% of our customers do, you will begin to realise the benefits of Marketing Automation very quickly.

The Business Problem

  • We don’t have insight into the ROI of campaigns and leads won by the sales team. In some cases we need to exclude prospects from some campaigns
  • We have disconnected databases i.e. the CRM & our email marketing platform, don’t even mention the ERP
  • We lack alignment between the sales and marketing teams. Sales are often in the dark about events, who has been sent invitations and who has registered
  • We have poor opt-in details against our prospect database, it’s opt-out or opt-in, there’s no way for a person to express interest in what we offer. It’s all or nothing.

The Solution

  • Once integrated, most CRM Campaign objects and Eloqua will share data. Combined with the CRM Lead and Opportunity objects you can achieve Revenue Performance Management
  • Eloqua rich API and integration functions provide you with the ability to connect not just to the CRM, but also the ERP and a range of other data sources e.g. the online store
  • Through integration, Marketing are now able to keep sales informed of every interaction automatically through the Eloqua Profiler app, visible from within the CRM
  • Eloqua’s out-of-the-box Preference Centre ensures your adherence to opt-out legislation and will keep your internal legal team at bay, safe in the knowledge all is well.

Additional Resources

Customer Relationship Management

Eloqua provides a range of out-of-the-box integration with some of the world’s leading CRM applications.

These include Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM On Demand, salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics. Options are also available for NetSuite, Siebel and other CRM platforms.

Integration Specifics

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Eloqua are databases hosted on different servers. Integration enables the passing of information between these databases.

Eloqua uses External Calls to integrate with CRMs. An External Call is a set of API instructions from Eloqua that accesses the CRM and passes data to it. Every External Call has its own user credentials to access the CRM system.