Oracle Social Cloud

The Oracle Social Cloud is designed to enhance each stage of the customer experience. Modern Marketers understand the need to include Social in their campaigns. Regardless of the size of your organisation, Social is a channel you need to understand.

Oracle Social Cloud

Be more insightful about trends and engaging in social conversations with your customers.

Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring Cloud Service provides listening, engagement and analysis capabilities across social channels to help you better understand your customers and be more engaging.

  • Capture relevant brand conversations from global web and social channels
  • Cut through the noise to track key topics, trends, and influencers
  • Understand what people are saying about your products and brands
  • Identify positive, negative, and neutral posts with automated sentiment scoring
  • Act on customer intent and interest such as intent to purchase or need for service or assistance
  • Respond in-context, with the highest efficiency, across social media channels
  • Connect with customers in real-time when it matters most

Do these challenges resonate with you?

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Actionable Insights

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Lead Generation

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Customer Engagement

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Brand Loyalty

Listen, Engage & Publish

Once you’re at a point where you have the basics in place i.e. a Facebook Page, a company Twitter account and a LinkedIn Company Page, you need to understand what’s happening.

Your organisation needs to “Listen“. Using Oracle’s Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), an advanced technology that cuts through the noise to expose contextual meaning, Oracle Social Cloud delivers the insights that are most important to an organisation so they can act at the speed of social and eliminate the dirty data dilemma.

Oracle Social Cloud is the industries only unified Social Media platform, bringing Social into a single enterprise standard solution.

Once you understand your audience you can begin to Engage and then Publish across multiple social channels using Oracle Social Cloud.

Social Apps to extend your functionality

Oracle Marketing Cloud customers can streamline lead capture with the addition of many FREE Social apps to their Eloqua or Responsys platforms.

Apps are available for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and others to help automate the process of capturing leads and delivering them directly to Eloqua or Responsys.

This enhances accuracy and eliminates the need for manual downloads from the backend of Linkedin, Facebook etc.

Social Cloud provides a complete CX solution to support Sales, Service & Marketing.

With the increasing volume of the Social Media world, companies are increasingly relying on applications that help them listen to online discussions in a meaningful way.

Your motivation could be about understanding more about your product, searching for positive comments and identifying customer service issues.

Smart companies realise the value of tapping Social Media to understand customer sentiment to help drive targeted and relevant campaigns.

Customer service is a key component of your overall CX strategy, it’s a differentiator.

As Social becomes the channel of choice for customers to engage with brands and sharing of grievances, it’s important companies find an effective way to listen and engage at the right time.

Oracle Social Cloud supports your organisation as an enterprise-wide solution with integration to other Oracle Cloud solutions.

Tap into the world’s largest focus group

Oracle Social Cloud is a complete solution that empowers businesses to uncover better insights, engage at the speed of social, and measure their efforts along the way. Leverage the power of social media across the organisation to drive real business results.

In today’s world, customers are constantly sharing their views about what they want and need, what they like and dislike, and what matters most to them.

Companies that listen to their customers can offer better products, create more targeted messaging, provide better customer service, and learn how to best engage with the right customers in the right place at the right time.

For marketers, the challenges associated with gaining access to actionable insights at scale to drive customer engagement can be daunting. 

Oracle Social Network

Secure collaboration for everyone you work with. A secure enterprise social network that connects your business processes, enterprise applications and content.

  • Engage – Enterprise collaboration through real-time conversations
  • Inform – Updates shared across your business
  • Drive – Purposeful social networking without the noise
  • Extend – Integration into your business applications