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In the fast-moving world of B2C communications, marketers need access to a platform that delivers best-of-breed performance. Oracle CX Marketing Responsys is used by many Australian & global brands to deliver a unique customer experience.

Discover real results experienced by these Responsys clients.

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Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker

“FitBit uses customer data to deliver this annual ego boost, reporting on each customer’s total miles walked or run over the past year.

The message becomes especially fun, and feels individualised, because of the silly way that the copy and graphics illustrate the real distance run.

In this case it’s “the exact height of aT-Rex riding a 1,234.997 mile high unicycle.”

Then it offers more detailed stats, highlighting the customer’s most active day of the week, most active month, and most active date of the year.

FitBit Annual Update Email 282x536pxl
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What do our customers say?

“World Animal Protection migrated the execution of our Responsys email campaigns to Marketing Cube’s managed service in July for maternity leave cover.

The team at Marketing Cube quickly set up the arrangement, helped us troubleshoot and resolve a number of underlying technical issues, and have ensured that our campaigns have been well managed. Ian and the Marketing Cube team have been extremely responsive and helpful throughout.” 

Jenny Perier, Marketing Lead Australia & New Zealand, World Animal Protection.

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Pizza Hut Family Restaurants

Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world with more than 12,000 Pizza Hut Restaurants and Delivery Units operating worldwide. Approximately 270 stores are located in Australia.

This off-beat promotional email is the perfect way for Pizza Hut to strengthen customer relationships. The vintage video game-inspired animation in which pizza slices equal lives powers up customers for pizza-fueled lounging.

Pizza Hut iPad App Game 282x369pxl

The world of marketing is continuously changing. We all know that. And if we’re honest, the fact that it keeps us on the edge of our seats year after year is why we love it.

Living and breathing this change every day can make it seem incremental. But if we look back five, ten, or even 15 years, the world of marketing really has changed.

Back in 2005, phones were used to make phone calls. The Facebook – as it was called then – was just for colleges and universities, and mainstream broadband Internet access was a distant dream. In short, it was a very, very different world.


Jetstar Mobile Departure App 282x539pxl
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Jetstar, a QANTAS Company

Jetstar’s creative is clean, simple, and expandable, accommodating localised messaging with different alphabets, all within a flexible framework.

Here, you see English, Japanese, and Indonesian language versions. Jetstar currently localises for eleven different countries, and the email is populated with one of seven languages depending on the language the client uses to book the flight.

Download the LookBook today to see additional examples of campaign orchestration.

This time around, we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of taking a bird’s eye view, we’re zooming in on a single trend with practically endless applications, and exploring the ways it’s become one of the most useful strategies in our playbook: the modular template.

Essentially a mix-and-match library of creative modules and elements with a cohesive look and feel, the modular approach offers the best of both worlds: Elegance and efficiency.

Emails that are easy to code and easy on the eyes. Campaigns that feel fresh, curated and personalised to the customer, yet which tell a consistent brand story across that customer’s lifecycle.

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