Oracle Infinity™

To truly understand customers, to see the complete picture of how they interact with a brand across any digital channel at any time, and then be able to act on those insights – is a marketer’s dream. With Oracle Infinity, marketers can put data in motion and turn it into their most powerful business asset. 

Oracle Infinity is an analytics solution that harnesses big data and works in real time to collect, process, and deliver actionable customer intelligence at scale – with unlimited flexibility.

Oracle Infinity Analytics incorporates reporting, ad hoc data exploration, and segmentation into a unified application and a single user experience with no limits from the point of data collection to the point of consumption.


“HBR’s study showed that when firms followed-up on leads within an hour versus 24 hours, they were more than 60 times likely to qualify the lead.”

SOURCE: Harvard Business Review

The Oracle approach to analytics

  • Unify all analytics functions by bringing together aggregate and visitor-level data from all digital channels in an easy-to-use interface
  • Be ready for the massive scale and flexibility of collecting and processing behaviors across the IoT
  • Provide fast access and make all data and intelligence available in real-time for immediate decision-making
  • Deliver data accuracy at scale, including unique visitor data and analysis with absolutely no sampling
  • Be able to activate the data in real-time and support the highest level of data openness with the broader marketing ecosystem for personalisation and deeper analysis

Oracle Infinity has 6 key advantages for marketers & analysts

Real-time, all the time

All data is available within minutes and ready for streaming instantaneously.

Cross-channel insights

Connect behaviors across digital channels and devices.

Accuracy at scale

Reliable insights and analysis with absolutely no sampling.

Data activation & openness

Easy integration into the marketing ecosystem to make analytics data actionable.

Unlimited scale & flexibility

Unparalleled data collection and accessibility built on an innovative platform.

Individual-level intelligence

All data stored at the individual level for deeper analysis.


Oracle Infinity is a digital analytics solution that helps brands succeed in a data-saturated world and works in real time to collect, process, and deliver actionable customer intelligence at scale—with unlimited flexibility.
This video case study walks you through a campaign using Oracle Infinity. Learn how to get timely and reliable insights about your customers by using Oracle Infinity

Tomorrow’s Marketing Analytics Today – Oracle Infinity™

“Oracle Infinity is Oracle CX Marketing’s new data analytics platform for capturing, processing, storing and interrogating unlimited datasets for companies that want actionable customer intelligence to fuel their marketing programs. It’s a new approach that takes the promise of big data (which has been around for 10 years already) and transforms it into a tangible, meaningful and practical solution for the endless seas of digital information that companies have struggled to mine and utilize.” READ MORE.

AUTHOR: Steve Earl
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle CX Marketing.

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