Sales & Marketing Alignment

When Marketing, Sales & Service operate in unison toward common goals, everybody wins. In fact, there is a school of thought that suggests we need a third word to describe sales and marketing. A Sales & Marketing Director, a single person, goes part way to bringing about alignment.

Share the insight marketing gather

Technology, when engineered to enable better processes, can go a long way towards helping sales and marketing execute on their agreed goals.

One of the major complaints sales have of marketing is the lack of qualified leads. And how often do you hear sales complaining that they have no idea what marketing is up to?

Or perhaps following an event, marketing deliver a list of contacts with no additional information other than what can be found on a business card? Then there is the Service team, who are often left in the dark, unaware of campaigns their customers may be a part of.

Empower the sales team with rich data

A marketing plan developed together with sales is the first step. Informed sales and service teams, engaged in all marketing activities, will perform better than teams operating in separated silos.

Conversely, a marketing team that takes the time to imagine life in the shoes of the sales & service teams, will better understand the selling process and therefore design end-to-end marketing strategies that are aligned with the organisation’s sales objectives.

Providing insight to Sales & Service

There’s no shortage of information that can be shared with the sales team. The important part is working out when to disclose that information and how much of it to disclose.

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua provides a range of key tools to help Marketing deliver enormously powerful information to the sales team.

One of these tools most popular with sales reps is the Eloqua Profiler.

Figure 1.0

FIGURE 1.0 The image above shows the dashboard view of Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua Profiler. What you’re looking at is the Digital Body Language of a single Contact.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua Profiler takes key engagement data and presents it to the sales user directly from within the CRM at the contact level. The sales team can see exactly what each of their customers or prospects has seen, in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Which emails the customer/prospect has received, what they clicked on within those emails, which campaigns they’re part of, which pages on the website they’ve visited and how long they spent looking at them.

Eloqua Profiler is a tool built from the ground up for the salesperson. Profiler is included for all Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B users and is available from within Oracle Marketing Cloud.

It requires an additional end-user license at a low annual fee and can be integrated with the world’s leading CRM platforms including Salesforce, Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle Sales Cloud.

Figure 2.0

FIGURE 2.0 By clicking on one of the bars above in Figure 1.0 e.g. May 18th 20148 10:18 AM, the sales person can access the exact email sent to the contact and see exactly what the Contact saw. This dashboard view can be embedded within your CRM at the Contact level as an iFrame.