Which Eloqua edition best suits your organisation’s needs?

Unlike some solutions, much of what you need will come with Eloqua Basic. Standard and Enterprise provide additional functions suited to larger, geographically dispersed teams. The Eloqua Basic user is not left with a solution providing half of what you need to become a Modern Marketer.


The basic package ticks many of the boxes for those new to Marketing Automation. Unlike other solutions in the market, however, Eloqua provides you with unlimited emails sends, unlimited hosting of images, documents e.g. PDF’s for download and an unlimited number of Landing Pages and forms.

This means the team is not constantly looking at the costs associated with executing a campaign. They can engage as needed when needed ensuring the right message gets to people without any surprise invoices from Oracle. We find CFOs like this approach.

Most customers on the Basic package will integrate Eloqua with their CRM system. Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics users enjoy out-of-the-box integration with Eloqua.

The basic package also provides for up to 10 user licences, generally more than sufficient for many marketing organisations.


As your needs become more complex, the Eloqua Standard package can grow with your organisation. If you’re managing multiple brands across various geographies, the Eloqua Standard package provides an increased range of options to support you.

You now have the ability to source data from multiple external systems, not just your CRM and the ability use that data to personalise your content.

For example, you may be connected to an external data warehouse or business intelligence system, Eloqua can source specific contact and account data from these systems to help improve the automation of campaigns e.g. trigger based campaigns become more powerful with a richer source of data to work from.

The Standard package also offers multiple Lead Scoring models for you to work with. Larger organisations quickly discover that with multiple prospect and customer personas, multiple Lead Scoring models are needed to be more effective in delivering Marketing Qualified Leads to the sales team.


Eloqua\’s Enterprise package delivers everything a multi-national organisation needs to deliver superior Customer Experience.

For organisations with millions of contacts and extensive global campaigns, the Enterprise package delivers the complete power or Oracle Marketing CloudEloqua.

For more details on how the Enterprise package can support your organisation, please contact us today on +61 (0) 2 8244 0007.

Let’s not forget about the Sales & Service teams

Eloqua Profiler

Over time the Marketing team will build extraordinary profiles of your customers and prospects. Sharing that information with the Sales and Service teams will deliver great value. Smart sales people know the value in understanding a prospect’s Digital Body Language.

By embedding the Eloqua Profiler in your CRM at the Contact level, sales people can explore a prospect’s Digital Body Language before making a call.

Customer Service teams can do the same. Understanding what a customer has recently looked at on your website, which campaigns they’re a part of and any outbound comms they’ve received, puts the Customer Service Representative in a place to have a far more personal conversation based on the customer\’s digital body langauge.