Oracle Eloqua

Oracle CX Marketing is the world’s only true Cross-Channel Marketing Solution. With Eloqua and Responsys, your Marketing Automation needs are covered. With the addition of Content Marketing and Oracle Advertising (Oracle Data Cloud), you have everything you need to drive a unique CX (Customer Experience).

Why Eloqua?

The decision to invest in a Marketing Automation solution like Eloqua must be backed with a key business requirement. In our experience, that requirement is driven by a need to deliver a unique customer experience.

The five tenets of Modern Marketing, listed below, are a starting point to help you deliver a unique customer experience.

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The 5 Tenets of Modern Marketing


Digital Body Language

Get a more complete picture of prospects to improve messaging, engagement, and offer timing with personalisation

Content Alignment

Capture data at each interaction from online behaviour such as website visits, downloads, social networks, and searches

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Profiler

Provide sales with a common tool that aligns marketing and CRM information to generate real-time sales actions


The Campaign Canvas

Create campaigns in days not weeks using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface without writing any code or HTML

Lead Capture

Access leads from LinkedIn and Facebook on the Eloqua Campaign Canvas via free apps allowing you to easily engage with leads based on the enquiry type

Oracle Marketing Cloud Social Suite

Curate content from your prospect’s trusted networks and tie social activities to leads, pipeline, and even revenue


Sales Alignment

Align marketing and sales processes to boost revenue performance using profiles, content, and engagement

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Engage

Enable sales using pre-populated templates with consistent branded content they can use to nurture and close deals.


Marketing ROI

Measure marketing return on investment and report on performance from major initiatives to individual campaigns


Measure yourself against other leading Modern Marketers using comprehensive industry benchmarking

Eloqua Insight

Measure everything from email campaign performance to web traffic with dashboards and closed-loop reporting tools

Rich Analysis via Dashboards

Eloqua’s visually appealing and engaging dashboards help you keep your finger on the pulse, helping you know what’s working and where improvements could be made.


Systems Unification

All technologies are aligned to impact to the buyer, productivity and revenue. With multiple systems integrated, you will deliver a cohesive customer experience

Data Driven Decisions

Your organisation can take advantage of connected systems via API‘s. A Data mart can support your marketing objectives.

Diverse Connectivity

Your Marketing Automation platform is at the heart of a Cloud-based technology solution delivering superior insight to all members of your organisation. Data is no longer siloed within Marketing, it’s accessible to the organisation as a whole.

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Locate your Eloqua data in Australia

Oracle provides the choice for your instance of Eloqua to be hosted in Australia. There is no additional charge, you simply need to request Australia at the point of purchase. Marketing Cube can manage this process for you.

Additional Oracle CX Marketing Solutions

RESPONSYS Product Marketing to Consumers

Oracle CX Marketing Responsys

BLUKAI Product Data Management Platform

Oracle Data Management Platform

Additional Oracle Solutions

Oracle CX Service

Deliver service through any channel at any time, while balancing automation with high-value customer engagement.

Oracle CX Service (part of Oracle Cloud CX) offers solutions for B2C, B2B, and field service to help your business exceed customer expectations.

Oracle CX Sales CRM

Build a more responsive and resilient sales organisation. Oracle CX Sales (part of Oracle Cloud CX) enables leaders to set their teams up for success with big-picture data and helps sellers master buyer signals with complete intelligence and guided experiences.

Oracle Advertising (Oracle Data Cloud)

Oracle Advertising combines the leading technologies and talent from Oracle’s acquisitions of AddThis, BlueKai, Crosswise, Datalogix, Grapeshot, and Moat to help digital advertising companies drive better business outcomes across more than 100 countries.

When it comes to audience planning, brand safety, fraud protection, contextual relevance, viewability confirmation, and ROI measurement, we help you protect your ad spend, reach the right people, and measure the impact of your campaigns.

Marketing Automation Simplified – a great starting point for anyone exploring Marketing Automation.

More marketers are implementing marketing automation to maximise the value of their data, improve engagements, and effectively measure effectiveness. 

While automation technology also helps companies become more data-driven to improve accountability, it can be challenging to understand how to make the most of its functionality.

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