Oracle Content Management for CX

Experiences are no longer bound by a website; they are channel-agnostic and pageless. Users demand content consistency no matter which channel they choose, even at 35,000 feet. The modern marketer needs to be equipped with an agile asset hub that can dynamically create, curate, and deliver exceptional customer interactions, Oracle CX Content.

Your intelligent content platform

Manage all of your content, in one secure location with version controls and archive capability

Oracle Content Management, provides rich capabilities to take digital assets, raw content, documents and all other types of content through a complete workflow of collaboration, publishing and personalised delivery.

Using ‘Conversations’ you can work with team members in the same office or anywhere around the world.

Streamline feedback, changes and version control.

An enterprise solution for everyone

Integration with Eloqua lets you insert published assets from an Oracle Content Management asset repository into Eloqua responsive emails, forms, and landing pages.

Using Oracle Content Management as a single source for all images saves rework because you can find your images easily. Eloqua users can leverage the extensive asset repository capabilities in Oracle Content Management to store content for use in Eloqua marketing assets.

When you design emails, forms, or landing pages, this integration gives you the option to insert published image assets from Oracle Content Management into your Eloqua assets.

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“The chief digital officer is going to have to foster cross-functional collaboration and make sure that customer experience innovation can be leveraged and won’t be killed off by traditional culture.”

SOURCE: p.7 “Using Digital Platforms and Artificial Intelligence to Outpace Rivals”
Harvard Business Review Analytic Services 

One, central location to store your Content

Marketing can now get content off their C:Drive or multiple servers and into one, secure location

Eloqua & Responsys users will find great value in having a single location to store and retrieve their content. Version control, workflows and more to support the approval of content will help ensure greater consistency across campaigns.

A company-wide solution

Customer Service, Sales, Administration and other departments can all benefit from Oracle Content Management; a single, secure cloud-based solution that delivers a great experience for the team as a whole.

Universal Asset Hub

A centralised platform for all of your marketing assets: content, images, videos, and documents. Spend less time searching and more time creating.

Collaboration and Workflow

A collaborative platform that connects best-of-breed asset creation platforms to world-class content creation. Teams can work in tandem and in real-time to deliver exceptional experiences.

Omnichannel Delivery

An API-first platform that separates content delivery from content management. Pick your favorite front-end tech while preserving your content at the back end.

Smart Content and Personalisation

A market-first, “smart authoring” platform that uses machine-driven tagging and augments content through AI to reduce content assembly time and deliver personalised experiences.

Enterprise Integrations and Scalability

A seamlessly integrated content repository across all of CX—Marketing, Commerce, Sales, and Service. Augment your CX content features with state-of-the-art AI and/or machine learning-based smart authoring and digital asset management (DAM).

Go mobile, access your Content anywhere

You can access your cloud files from anywhere while you’re on the go. Just use the mobile app on your device to stay in touch wherever you are.

The Android and iOS mobile apps have almost all the same functionality as using Oracle Content Management in a web browser. You can access your content, search and sort your files and folders, share content, and work with conversations.

The mobile apps are available in the appropriate app store (Google Play or Apple App Store). You can also access Oracle Content Management through a web browser on your mobile device. When you do, you’ll be prompted to download the app.

After installing the mobile app, you can use it on your Android device or iPhone/iPad.