In an industry where relationships are key, a smart Modern Marketing approach to donor/member engagement is the answer.

But what is the question?

When you have your donor/member clearly at the center of your campaigns, you need to be able to engage with them on areas of interest to them. How do you know their areas of interest? You may have acquired this when they first joined your organisation or donated for the first time. However, how current is that information?

A person’s interests can be expressed i.e. they explicitly tell you there preferences/areas of interest or the alternative is to also observe their online behaviour and through that process gather their implied interests.

Engagement is largely about relevance.

Once you begin to better understand the profile of your donors or members, it then becomes a process of setting aside the idea of “lists” and to start thinking about a more human to human interaction or even more of a 1:1 interaction.

For your Digital Marketing team, there’s plenty of technology available to help you towards this goal.

However the success begins with good quality data. This is more than simply a name and an email address, it’s a combination of profile data combined with behavioural data.

We call this Digital Body Language™.

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How can Marketing Cube help?

We’re an Australian company based in Sydney with offices also in Auckland, New Zealand. Our customers are located around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA and the UK. Our team of Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua certified consultants and technical staff provide expert advice to support our customers on their journey to Modern Marketing.

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