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To help you save time and achieve results faster, Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua provides a range of industry-specific vertical solutions. Configured out of the box, the overall time from signing your contract and launching your first campaign is reduced.

Why an industry focus?

Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua is the only marketing automation industry specific solution with custom campaign blueprints, best practices and intelligent workflow. You’re able to design Modern Marketing campaigns with software and templates that speak the language of your industry.

Start new conversations with your prospects and customers that transform how you engage and convert their interest into revenue.

Let Marketing Cube and Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua industry experience and marketing automation expertise help power your marketing success.

Our experience

Since 2007, we’ve worked with clients across a variety of industry verticals helping them get the most of Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua.

Our team understand the demands of marketers and can help ensure the speedy adoption of Marketing Automation as part of your business process.

From both a technical implementation point of view as well as our Marketing Automation consulting services, we can help you get up to speed as fast as possible.

Explore the various Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Industry solutions

To help speed your implementation, Oracle provides a range of industry specific vertical solutions. 

Combining big data tools with traditional data management offers enterprises the complete view

Big data continues to be the topic of much discussion and hype, and companies that have pioneered ways to analyze big data and integrate it with traditional data are finding that the benefits are very real.

Big data—information gleaned from nontraditional sources such as blogs, social media, email, sensors, photographs, video footage, etc., and therefore typically unstructured and voluminous—holds the promise of giving enterprises deeper insight into their customers, partners, and business. This data can provide answers to questions they may not have even thought to ask. What’s more, companies benefit from a multidimensional view of their business when they add insight from big data to the traditional types of information they collect and analyze.