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Oracle CX Marketing Sales Tools

Profiler is a Sales Tool specifically designed to take the rich data captured by the Marketing team and share it directly with the Sales & Service teams via an App. Easily accessible via their SmartPhone or embedded at the Contact level within the CRM, Sales & Service has access to an unprecedented level of insight.

Insight delivered directly to the Sales & Service teams

Eloqua Profiler can be accessed in a range of ways. Most commonly it’s embedded within the Lead and Contact objects of the CRM, providing CRM users with the insight they need to maximise the campaigns developed by Marketing.

Eloqua Profiler is shown above and accessed on the Apple iPad, using Safari. You can access Profiler with Google Chrome on the iPad, iPhone as well as most modern tablets and smartphones. 

Sales & Marketing Alignment

With Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Customer Profiler Cloud Service, salespeople can interpret prospect needs without sorting through lines of data.

The easy-to-use tool—which you can access from the contact record in your CRM system (via the Contact record) or from any Web browser—lets you drill down for additional details on any activity and shows you exactly which campaign, form, or Web page your prospect has visited.

Dependent on your edition of Eloqua, five user licenses are included. Additional licenses can be purchased for a small annual fee. We’d encourage you to identify your five top-performing salespeople and have Profiler available to them as part of a pilot program.

Insight for Sales when it’s needed

Providing an intuitive graphical summary of prospect online activities and behaviours, Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua Customer Profiler helps salespeople become more productive, offering the following features:

  • At-a-glance prospect activity summaries into which you can drill down to get details on specific activities
  • Customisable time views of targeted activity periods
  • Real-time e-mail alerts of site visits by important prospects
  • Ability to view e-mail click-throughs and opens to determine which e-mails your prospects have viewed

Sales enablement, supported by marketing.

Providing Buyer Insights

Thanks in part to modern solutions, marketers can now provide deep insights into buyer motivations and behaviours.

By allowing their sales teams to see and understand the digital body language of buyers, marketers can give them the knowledge they need to figure out what an individual cares about, who within an organisation is actively engaged in a buying process, and which organisations within a salesperson’s territory are showing buying interest.

Individual Insight

By displaying for the sales team – in an interactive, graphical format – the activity of each individual who’s a potential buyer, Marketing enables Sales to understand which conversations would be of most interest to them.

Marketing can include insights such as the social media discussions that first caught each individual’s interest, or the communications to which they responded best, to help Sales guide discussions along a path that is of most interest to each buyer.

Customer Insight

Marketers can also provide their sales teams with enabling insights into the companies they’re selling to.

By identifying who within each company is actively engaged, not engaged at all, or taking negative actions such as searching on objection-related topics, Marketing helps Sales understand how best to navigate the buying organisations they’re dealing with.

Accessing Prospect Profiler

The Sales & ServiceTeams (typically not Eloqua users)

Prospect Profiler is also available via mobile for iOS and Android users. Access to Profiler includes accessing it in a variety of ways i.e. desktop browser, mobile/iPad browser and via a Chrome extension or in Outlook. The additional licence fee includes access to Profiler well as the ability to embed Prospect Profiler into the Contact Object of most enterprise standard CRM’s.

The Marketing (Eloqua) Team

Prospect Profiler is accessible to all licensed Eloqua users from within Eloqua. If you want your Eloqua licensed Users to access Profiler from within the CRM, they will require an additional licence to do that. 


Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Google Chrome

Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Google Chrome is an extension for Google Chrome. The extension allows sales or service representatives to view contacts’ profile information from Oracle Eloqua, as well as email prospects or customers more efficiently by displaying contact information from Eloqua Profiler in an easy to access pop-up in your browser.

By using the extension, you no longer need to open Eloqua Profiler in a separate tab and manually search for contacts. You can also access Eloqua Engage to send emails to contacts.

Access to Profiler or Engage via the Google Chrome extension is included in your Eloqua Profiler & Engage licences.

Access Eloqua Profiler Sales Tools directly from Google Chrome.

In the screen grab above you can see Oracle Profiler highlighted with the arrow. The drop down screen pulls the domain from the URL and displays any known contacts from that organisation in your instance of Eloqua. Very handy for prospecting.

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