Add Text Messages/SMS to your Campaigns 

SMS is a powerful way to reach your prospects and customers. It’s generally seen as the last bastion of digital privacy, which requires some caution in the way you engage. Whether you gain opt-in for permission-based marketing or offer a reminder service for events, webinars etc., SMS will lift engagement and help build out a person’s profile.

SMS App Functionality

Marketing Cube’s SMS app delivers very similar functionality that you would expect from Eloqua. You can personalise the SMS and it could also be signed off by the salesperson who owns the relationship based on your CRM data.

There are a number of Custom Field text options enabling you to access data from your CRM and Eloqua. For example, you may have a client number, a membership number or the expiry date of a contract or membership. 

Any of this data can be added to the SMS app ensuring the same level of personalisation you expect from Eloqua.

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How does the SMS App work in your Eloqua Campaigns?

Add the SMS App to the Campaign Canvas

Adding the SMS app to your campaign canvas is as easy as adding any other Cloud Action step.

  • Personalise your message directly from the Campaign Canvas
  • Your SMS could be a reminder or an invitation to an event
  • Check for a response directly on the canvas and action with another SMS or email
  • Configuring your SMS with CRM data is simple through our unique configuration interface.

Automate a unique experience

The SMS app allows you to route contacts with errors such as an incorrect number of digits or when a contact does not provide you a mobile number to begin with:

  • Automatically route contacts with errors on the canvas from the cloud app to ensure a seamless experience
  • Make smart decisions based on previous campaign steps. For example, contacts who have not provided a mobile number can easily receive an email instead
  • Add contacts with errors to other campaigns, such as the ability to update their details if we find they are incorrect. Something like this.

“Smart way business owners can successfully connect with customers via SMS“*

“With text message open rates near 100% (and according to a recent study over 90% are opened within three minutes), finding a provider who can help you automate personalised reminder messages can dramatically reduce cancellations or no-shows.

And that’s not all SMS is good for. When you’re trying to sell your products and services, timing is everything. Reaching the consumer at just the right moment, when they’re most inclined to make a purchase, can be the difference between them thinking it’s a good idea and actually doing something about it.”

*SOURCE: 10Daily Australia

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