Oracle Cloud Marketplace

The Marketplace provides hundreds of Apps that you can add to your instance of Eloqua or Responsys to extend the functionality of the core platform. For example, Eloqua users will find free apps from webinar providers like ZOOM, ReadyTalk, WebEx & GoToWebinar.

Easily add Apps to Eloqua to automate more & reduce manual processes.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace consists of hundreds of various apps from a range of suppliers enabling you to extend the functionality of the core Eloqua and Responsys platforms.

For example, if your organisation runs webinars, you can download the ZOOMReadyTalk, Citrix WebEx or GoToWebinar (not GoToMeeting) apps to replace the email component of the webinar registration process with Eloqua emails.

This enables you to keep all of your communications on-brand and capture people’s engagement or as we like to call it Digital Body Language™, helpful for segmentation and Lead Scoring.

With the addition of the Marketing Cube SMS App, Eloqua users to include SMS as part of their campaigns to replace or augment email communications.

Linkedin Campaign Manager & Eloqua

LinkedIn Campaign Manager enables marketers to raise awareness with native ads, build relationships and drive better lead-generation efforts through the world’s professional feed.

Leveraging the Campaign Manager app for LinkedIn, marketers are able to retarget a specific set of Oracle Eloqua contacts with digital advertisements on LinkedIn.

Social Media Apps

You will also find a range of apps, many at no cost, to help you add social functionality to your Oracle Marketing Cloud campaigns.

Facebook Lead Ads app

Oracle Eloqua’s Facebook Lead Ads app lets you capture data from a Facebook Lead Ad and push it to Eloqua.

The app provides an audience feeder on the campaign canvas and program canvas that maps Facebook form fields to Eloqua contact fields. The app updates the Eloqua contact or creates the contact if it does not yet exist.

The app avoids the need for marketers to login to Facebook, download .CSV files on a regular basis and then upload them to Eloqua.

Add Social Sharing to your Eloqua landing pages with the AddThis Integration app.

The Eloqua AddThis Integration app helps you to include AddThis sharing tools in your Eloqua Landing Pages so your audience can share your content.

You can create multiple AddThis profiles in the AddThis UI, select social networks you want to offer visitors on your Eloqua Landing Pages, and specify sharing tools.

Once you install the Eloqua AddThis Integration app, you can configure corresponding profiles and use them in your Eloqua Landing Pages to embed the sharing tools and social networks you specified in the AddThis UI.

Visitors to your Landing Pages will see a set of icons that they can use to easily share your content on those social networks. You can then use your AddThis account and multiple profiles to view engagement metrics.

If you choose to use AddThis on your website, as we have at Marketing Cube, you will see the sharing icons as you can on this page.