Marketing Automation

Simplify your digital campaigns with the richness of Oracle CX Marketing. Design, build and deliver cross-channel campaigns by email, mobile, display search and video. Explore a range of applications for today’s Modern Marketers.

Oracle CX Marketing

Experiences are no longer bound by a website; they are channel-agnostic and pageless. Users demand content consistency no matter which channel they choose, even at 35,000 feet.

The modern marketer needs to be equipped with an agile asset hub that can dynamically create, curate, and deliver exceptional customer interactions, Oracle CX Content.

At the heart of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, Eloqua delivers a unique customer experience (CX) with a range of powerful campaign functions.

Modern Marketers understand the need for a more intimate discussion via email and need the ability to observe and then act on Digital Body Language. Eloqua delivers this and more as a true multi-channel solution.

If you’re in the business of engaging millions of contacts via an online store, Responsys delivers a level of sophistication and personalised communications used by organisations like JetStar, a Qantas company, Pizza Hut Family Restaurants, Fitbit and a range of Australian clothing brands.

Mass communications can be done while delivering a unique experience.

Oracle Data Management Platform, powered by the expertise and technology of Oracle BlueKai, turns insights into action. Here’s how.

Audience Data Management, Audience Data Marketplace, Data Activation through Oracle Marketing Cloud, Data Activation through Media & Advertising Partners and Audience Analytics.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is to Eloqua and Responsys as the App Store is to your iPhone.

Apps extend the functionality of your campaigns with SMS, popular webinar programs, social media, data manipulation and more.
Explore the store with its hundreds of apps.

What if your data could tell you where you need to focus on your site and who you should be targeting to tap into all the incremental revenue you might be leaving on the table? MaxDiscover provides the answers to get to segmentation and personalisation that opens up the profitable opportunities you’re missing campaign after campaign.

Choose Your Own Adventure to discover more.

We’ve prepared a specific experience for the CMO, Marketing Manager, Sales Director and Public Relations Director where they can review the benefits of Marketing Automation in the context of their roles.

Explore Industry Vertical Solutions.

Oracle Marketing Cloud has a range of tailored vertical solutions for various industries.

These solutions ensure a quicker implementation time frame to “Go Live” helping avoid delays associated with industry-specific modifications.