How clean is your data?

Maintaining clean data is not just the domain of I.T. Today’s Modern Marketer understands the need for clean data. A worthy goal which many have found difficult to achieve. Not any more! Marketing Automation platforms provide a wide range of tools to help ensure the quality and integrity of your data.

Integration helps improve your data quality.

Our clients use marketing automation in conjunction with other systems. As a consequence, integration is often the key to data quality and integrity.

One key principle when looking to understand integration is to determine the source of truth.

The illustration below is one of the most common forms of integration we see with our clients. The question is, which is the “source of truth”?

Often the data warehouse also stores data from an ERP system, with financial data. Being able to segment or target customers based on their financial data can help across a range of areas.

For example, if you’re running a subscription service, you could pick up a segment of customers who have missed their most recent payment providing automated reminders via email.

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The bigger picture in an integrated world.

In today’s integrated world of cloud based systems, it’s not possible to view one platform in isolation. If we take Customer Experience and put it at the center of our strategy, we can see below some of the systems we need to take into consideration from a system architecture point of view.

One of the strong points of Oracle Marketing Cloud is its’ ability to integrate with just about anything. There’s merit to thinking carefully before rushing into any integration i.e. the illustration above is the most common form of integration we see amongst our clients. However, you have a range of options available to you in order to achieve your end goal, whatever that may be.

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GRAPHIC CX at the heart of all systems

Solutions to deliver the best possible outcome.

Since 2007 we’ve helped organisations make sense of their data requirements.

Data management is a high priority in the implementation process, helping to ensure the insight you gain from Oracle Marketing Cloud is delivered to the appropriate users within your organisation regardless of which system they use.