Customer Journey Mapping

By mapping your customer/buyer’s journey, you can begin to understand what to do to support your buyer on that journey, and how you can influence the buyer and their decisions throughout that journey.

We facilitate your team through a defined process

Marketing Cube can help by walking you through a proven process to map your buyer’s journey and determine the key stages of that journey.

We need your input to achieve the best results, which will include not only members of the marketing team, but also members of the sales team too.

The sales team are meeting with prospects each day, talking with them face-to-face, so they can provide great insight into buyer concerns, objections, needs and challenges.

Who is in control of your Customer Experience? You or the customer?

Do your customers feel delighted whenever they engage with your brand? Do your staff have the tools and processes in place to consistently delight your customers?

Today, customer experience is much more than the floor-walker in a department store, it’s much more than a smile when greeting customers. 

Today’s prospects and customers have a myriad of ways to engage with your organisation and in most cases, they’re in control of that experience.

Consistency is king

Regardless of how your customers are engaging, they expect continuity across all channels.

Managing content and messaging across your various digital assets can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple go-to-market strategies or multiple lines of business.

Marketing automation ensures the entire marketing team is on the same page, and that your customers’ experience of your brand is consistent across all channels to market.

Marketing automation is just one component to support your CX strategy. In the diagram above you can see the multiple touch points your prospect/customer has with your organisation. They may find your organisation via a mobile app, field service technicians or direct sales.

Oracle and provide a suite of applications to help cover all touchpoints beyond the marketing sphere.