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For many organisations, the decision to enter the world of Social Media is cause for caution. This caution is well founded, a carefully planned strategy will set the foundation for success and provide a platform for increased engagement and insight from your target audience.

Research & Analysis

Social is certainly a growing channel in the Australian market. In real numbers as of January 2019, Facebook has 15,000,000+ users, LinkedIn 4,500,000 members and Twitter 4,700,000+ monthly active users.

TheAustralian Bureau of Statistics reports there are 12,711,600 employed persons as of December 2018. Reaching 4,500,000 of these people via LinkedIn is a good start, but it’s not the only solution.

Understanding how active these people are and how many of these social accounts are duplicates is helpful when developing a social strategy.

With the right strategy in place, the various challenges that are inherent in “social”, such as people having multiple social personas, can be leveraged into positive outcomes for your business.

We help identify the challenges for your business and guide you towards the best social strategy for your organisation.

Statistics displayed on this page are sourced from
Statistics displayed on this page are sourced from

Are you social today?

For many companies, being seen to be social is a good start. However the mistake with this strategy is taking a “smoke and mirrors” approach.

It’s important to keep in mind that “social” is a two-way communication channel, so right from the start you will need to be ready to engage with people as they post, tweet or like your content.

A carefully considered approach to Social Media is critical. A quick Google search will reveal various companies and their Social campaign disasters.

The team at Marketing Cube will work with you navigate these pitfalls.

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The team at Marketing Cube will walk you through a process to establish a Social Media Strategy that works best for your customers, making sure you have the capability to engage with prospects and customers via social.

Uncover essential tips for the Social Selling Team

You can buy into social selling, but you can’t just buy your way into social selling. It’s a process involving several steps and re-defined objectives.

Where do you and your organisation land on a social selling spectrum? Luckily some friends at LinkedIn helped chart a path from laggard to Leader.