Reporting & Analytics

Marketing automation by its very nature cultivates an ever evolving and rich source of powerful insights. Easily accessing and interpreting this data to enhance your campaign performance is the next step.

What’s working? What’s not working?

Having the time to step back and review the performance of your campaigns is critical to improving and maximising the effectiveness of your engagement strategies.

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides a rich and comprehensive set of reports to ensure you maximise your overall campaign performance. Amongst the many reports available, we’ll make sure you understand which reports are the most relevant for you, so you can get started with gaining insight into the performance of your campaigns.

Others outside of Marketing might also be keen to see the information you are cultivating.

Easily deliver reports, automatically.

With Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua, you can easily configure specific reports to be automatically emailed to members of the extended team on a regular basis.

For example, the Sales Team might be interested to see who has visited the website this week, or the CMO might want to receive campaign insights right before his weekly team meeting.

Once you lock down the reporting requirements, selected reports can be automatically emailed per the desired schedule.

You will avoid those calls or emails with comments like “Where’s the weekly campaign performance report? I head into the meeting in 5 minutes”. Now that has to be a day to look forward to!