What is Lead Nurturing?

In essence, Lead Nurturing is the process of cultivating leads from people or organisations that are not yet ready to buy. It’s really that simple, however behind this simplicity is a robust & sophisticated process to ensure the nurturing process is relevant & adds value for the buyer.

Anticipating customer needs

A lead nurturing campaign should generally start as a simple way of communicating with prospects. To be truly effective, however, the content being delivered will need to be relevant and timely.

In the beginning stages, much of your campaign will be based on a “gut feel” usually in concert with the observed behaviour of the buyer by the sales, customer service and marketing teams.

Over time, marketing automation will provide you with specific and measurable insight into buyer behaviour as they traverse your website and engage in your various campaigns either online or face-to-face.

Experience nurturing now

The best way to understand how you can execute a Lead Nurturing campaign in your organisation is to experience one.

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Lead Nurturing is an educational process.

Buyers are looking for information to support their buying decisions. They will generally have a criteria and will be looking for information to support it. At this point you can influence their decision process with key data that shows the value your organisation can deliver connected to measurable and defined outcomes.

Lead Nurturing 101 Workshop

Marketing Cube can shed light on this often perplexing area of marketing strategy. We have a structured process by which we can help you design a lead nurturing program that marries your buyers journey with your key marketing messaging.

This will include an analysis of which channels to market will best reach your prospective buyers with the right message at the right time. It could be social, which in itself has a breadth of options available to support your strategies, as well as the various more common marketing assets such as email, web content, sms, video, etc.

We can help you on your way, or be a part of your ongoing solution strategy. The choice is yours!

The concept of nurturing is both a pre-sale and post-sale strategy. From a pre-sales point of view, marketing automation enables you to personalise each engagement for prospects and deliver an improved Customer Experience.

As buyer behaviour has changed it’s now more critical than ever before for Modern Marketers to engage with prospects and customers on their own terms.