Eloqua Administrator Training

Like any software platform, you will need one or two team members to play the role of Eloqua Administrator. These people should be Marketing Users, not a member of the IT team.

Who’s best suited to the Eloqua Administrator role?

We love Geeks

The self described geek is a great person to fill this role. They will be a member of the team who loves data, they’e probably already all over your CRM and are the go to person in the team.

If you’re yet to implement Eloqua, this person can work with our Technical Implementation Team during the build process.

We’ll give them specific tasks to complete during the implementation phase which will put them in a great position moving forward because they will have first hand experience in how and why the system has been configured in the way that it has.

No Modern Marketing team is complete today without a geek  🙂 

Ok, you don’t have to be a geek

That’s ok, you can outsource the geek role to Marketing Cube, or we can train up a geek from within your team. Someone in the team must show geek tendencies.

Eloqua provides robust end-user security role functionality. If you have multiple teams across the region or require data security based on teams or geographies, this can be achieved.

Your Eloqua Administrator needs to be across these various end-user profiles. We can help build these during in implementation, or if you’ve been using Eloqua for some time and a need has arisen for tighter data security, can we help you through the process.