Enabling your Oracle Eloqua team

Oracle Eloqua’s intuitive user interface allows non technical/HTML marketers to build emails, landing pages and forms quickly and professionally. Bringing these assets together into a campaign is easy, however there are options available to support you and your campaign design and build process.

What if your team don’t have time?

Making the decision to outsource this requirement will often depend on the size of your team or the workload you are currently experiencing. Some clients prefer to outsource the administration and execution of Oracle Eloqua to a third-party Agency.

Marketing Cube is one such Agency. We operate on your behalf so you can offload the logistics around executing and maintaining your Oracle Eloqua platform.

If you already have an Agency, Marketing Cube can support your Agency to ensure quality results for your organisation. Regardless of how you want to engage, we can accommodate your needs and your business requirements.

We have many working scenarios with our existing customers and are flexible in designing the right engagement for you

One option is to keep all aspects of the Oracle Marketing Cloud in-house, including administration and execution.

One of the great rewards of implementing Oracle Marketing Cloud is the significant time savings that subsequently frees up productive time for the Marketing team, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of marketing, such as designing great marketing strategies.


Can Marketing Cube help with Campaign Design?

We have a number of customers who develop and execute campaigns with a combination of their own efforts and ours.

These customers range from small marketing teams of 1-3 people to multinational customers with teams geographically dispersed around the world.

An ongoing support model is largely focused on campaign execution where the customer wants to reach further into the deep functionality offered by Oracle Eloqua.

Whatever the requirement, it’s very likely our Customer Success and Technical teams can support your business objectives. If you’re currently an Oracle Eloqua customer, we’d be happy to talk with you further about any local A/NZ or global requirements you may have.

It also reduces the interaction with excel spreadsheets and the data manipulation common to a CRM.

Our Customer Success team will help your marketers gain to a level of independence ensuring they maximise the rich level of functionality found within the Oracle Eloqua. Your success is our success!

Move over MasterChef, download the Oracle CX Marketing Demand Generation Pro’s Cookbook today.

This cookbook isn’t going to help you with your dinner party on Friday night, but it will help you build smarter campaigns.

Filled with delicious ideas from a range of Oracle CX Marketing customers, you’ll be able to learn new techniques and ways to improve your campaign designs.

Take a look at page 6 from the ADP kitchen.

What’s better than sales and marketing sitting at the same lunch table? Although they have unique objectives, they share a goal to drive bottom-line performance. ADP whipped up a fresh lead management operation that helps everyone reach the target audience: mid-sized US business decision-makers.