How to automate your next event registration process with Eloqua  

As an Eloqua customer, you have everything you need to automate the event registration process for conferences, small functions and webinars. All of this can be managed using the Campaign Canvas. 

For more complex conferences held over several days, with multiple streams and sessions and where wait-list management is required, the Eloqua Event plug-in may also be helpful. 

Your guide to event registration using Eloqua.

We meet with Eloqua users every day and in those meetings, the Campaign Canvas is a prominent part of the discussion. Those discussions are generally driven by ensuring we’re delivering an outstanding Customer Experience.

This guide will walk you through the end-to-end process of building an event registration campaign for an event held in a single city or location.  

Event Registration using Eloqua

How can Eloqua help?

Most organisations will run a variety of events each year. Your events may vary from annual conference for clients, prospects or staff. You will also run events targeting prospects that are smaller, more intimate affairs. You may also run webinars on a regular basis.

Using Eloqua to manage the registration process for these events enables you to avoid a labyrinth of excel spreadsheets while delivering a unique customer experience.

The ability to deliver a unique customer experience includes things like:

  • Remembering a contact’s dietary requirements.
  • Remembering a contact’s key profile information e.g. mobile #, email address, job title etc.
  • Acknowledging that they’ve attended previous events and adjusting your invitation to acknowledge this.

The personalisation extends to who the email comes “from” e.g. the contact’s account manager, the person in your CRM who owns the relationship with the contact.

You have options

Eloqua provides two options to help you manage the registration process for your events.

  1. The Event Module*
  2. The Campaign Canvas

The Event Module is the better option when you need to manage wait-lists and your event contains streams and multiple sessions in each stream as well as the need to manage room capacity in each session.

However, that’s not every event, typically.

The Campaign Canvas, used with Landing Pages, Forms and probably Shared Lists can help you manage single events. The guide on offer above, walks you through this second option.

*NOTE: The Eloqua Event Module is included on the Standard and Enterprise Editions of Eloqua. It’s an optional extra for customers on Eloqua Basic.