We need to make better use of the data we have.


Smart segmentation relies of great quality data. Perfect data is nirvana, but working with great quality data makes a huge difference to your campaigns.

The Business Problem

  • Disparate databases make the marketing team nervous when trying to personalise campaigns with specific contact data. Even “First Name” is a challenge
  • With multiple email marketing platforms in play across the organisation, we’re very nervous about managing the opt-out process
  • To be honest, we’re not 100% certain about who our customers are
  • Duplicates is a real issue, we have multiple profiles and this means we’re probably sending the wrong information to the wrong people
  • At the moment, we’re sending data to external 3rd parties to be segmented, this process costs thousands of dollars per campaign.

The Solution

  • Eloqua provides you with a single contact database that many choose to sync with their CRM. The CRM should be the source of truth, you can pick and choose down to the field level, which system updates which
  • The solution is a single Marketing Automation platform that delivers a single preference centre for all contacts. Eloqua keeps your legal team relaxed and your organisation in line with legislation
  • Simple segmentation makes it easy for the marketing team to communicate with various audiences – customers, prospects etc.
  • A core function of Eloqua is that the email address is the unique identifier. You simply cannot have the same email address in Eloqua twice, you won’t send someone the same email twice
  • Eloqua’s sophisticated, yet elegantly simple to use Segmentation tool allows all segmentation to be done internally.

Simple Drag & Drop interface

The Eloqua Segmentation tool provides for simple inclusion and exclusion of data profile points.

In this example, the marketer is looking to build a reactivation campaign. They’re looking not just at profile data, but also Digital Body Language™ as an indicator of inactivity.

To help ensure the final number of contacts they reach are able to be emailed, it makes sense to exclude hard bounces and any global or subscription level unsubscribes.