It takes too much time to deliver event registration functionality.


If Eloqua has a sweet spot, that sweet spot is Event Registration.

The business problem

Of all the campaigns we run as marketers, an event is one that generally touches everyone within the organisation.

From the sales team who want to make sure the right people are invited, marketing who need to ensure messaging and branding is inline with corporate guidelines, to business partners who may be participating through to attendees, you need control over the registration process and clarity about who’s actually attending.

The Solution

At the end of the day, Eloqua is a communication tool. It enables you to easily and with a significant level of depth, personalise your communications ensuring the right people get the right message.

Combined with Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas and the creation of templates, the repetitive nature of events becomes easily replicable and gives time back to the marketer to focus on copy and messaging. 

Typical Event Campaign Components

Your target audience

Segmentation via Eloqua is elegant and sophisticated. You’re able to easily move on from a basic “List” mentality where the entire database is hit with an invitation, to a process that looks not just at profile data but also the Digital Body Language™ of the people you want to target.


Building a unique Customer Experience (CX)

Eloqua provides you with a range of functions to help you deliver a unique customer experience. By checking profile data against an individual and with the help of Dynamic Content, invitations can be targeted to your C-Suite buyer, your product or service user and even partners. Personalisation is easily achieved.

The Campaign Canvas

Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas is a visual tool, with drag and drop functionality, enabling users to easily see the flow of their audience through the campaign

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