My business problem is: \”It takes too long to build a campaign.\”

The ease of designing, building and executing your campaign with the right Customer Experience in mind, saves the team time allowing them to focus their attention on copy development and campaign analysis.

The Business Problem

  • From written briefs, to white board sessions, liaising with external agencies, to building the campaign, it\’s simply take us too long to get a campaign out the door
  • With many of our campaigns generally cross-channel or multi-channel, we have too many balls in the air in disparate systems
  • Our campaigns range from single email updates to customers to lengthy nurturing campaigns, we spend too much time on each of these
  • Our ability to really understand what\’s working and what\’s not is inhibited by poor analytics
  • We know we\’re on the mark about 50% of the time with our lead generation campaigns, we\’re just not sure which 50% is generating the right leads.

The Solution

  • Once you become comfortable with the Eloqua Campaign Canvas, you will quickly discover building your campaign brief in Eloqua saves time.
  • Eloqua and Oracle Social Cloud integrate to give you a seamless interaction between your Email & Social campaigns. Mobile marketing using SMS is easily integrated with your campaigns
  • The use of templates for campaigns, emails, landing pages, forms and segments help save time and deliver a consistent CX
  • Eloqua\’s Insight reporting module leverages Oracle\’s robust BI platform to allow you to dig deeper into your campaigns
  • Insight allows you to generate campaign specific reports for comparison purposes as well as regular monthly, quarterly reports that can be delivered directly to your inbox on a set schedule.