Oracle Engagement Cloud

Modern Salespeople need modern tools to help them deliver on business objectives and your CX strategy. The real magic happens when the CRM and your Marketing Automation platform are integrated. Oracle provides a best-of-breed solution.

Access Oracle Engagement Cloud

Users can access Oracle Engagement Cloud from their desktop via the interface below or on their iPad/tablet or SmartPhone. Or, if they prefer the desktop interface, they can access this same interface from their iPad/tablet. Finally, you can access your data in whichever way suits you best.

When you add Oracle Social Network to your Oracle Engagement Cloud CRM you now have the ability to reduce email traffic within your organisation and keep conversations focussed on your prospects and customers.

Social Network allows you to connect discussions around specific Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities the team is working on. Colleagues can be engaged and have access to exactly the right information.

If your organisation is using Microsoft Outlook, you can also review the Oracle Engagement Cloud Outlook integration option and tightly integrate Outlook with Oracle Engagement Cloud.

Oracle Engagement Cloud

Planning for today and the future with Oracle Engagement Cloud

Learn more about the benefits of giving Sales and Service teams a 360-degree view of the customer in order to deliver a better customer experience while driving more business.

Get Full Customer 360 with Oracle Sales Cloud

See how Oracle Sales Cloud solves key sales performance management gaps by putting all the information sales reps and sales managers need in one easy-to-use app, whether desktop or mobile.

Integrating Marketing & Engagement Clouds

With prospects discovering more about what your organisation does long before your salespeople engage, access to your prospect’s Digital Body Language is key.

When you integrate Oracle Engagement Cloud with Oracle Eloqua you’re in a position to provide a rich amount of data to all CRM users i.e. Sales, Service and even Finance. All CRM users will benefit from having access to a much fuller picture of the activity of both prospects and customers.

Eloqua’s range of Sales Tools helps facilitate the alignment between the Marketing and Sales teams.

Oracle Eloqua Profiler takes the insight gathered by Oracle CX Marketing and delivers this directly to the Oracle Engagement Cloud user within the CRM. They can see all email communications, website visits, form submissions and even set themselves notifications for when a key contact visits your website.

Discover 5 steps you can take to master selling in the digital age.

Today’s customer is already 57% through the buying process before they contact a sales rep, and sales cannot afford to leave that much of the purchase cycle up to chance. Sales need to be closely aligned with marketing, ready to sniff out fresh leads and take control of the buying cycle.