Nurturing in byte-sized pieces

2024 IEAA Marketing & Recruitment Forum

5-6 June 2024

Brisbane, Australia

This year’s topic was The Balance Between Bytes and Beings. With the arrival of AI, striking a balance between technology and humans in our marketing efforts is highly topical.

I was invited to present “Nurturing in byte sized pieces,” a cute play on words that I took to mean two different things. 

The first is that “byte” refers to the digital element of our marketing. I think we’re at a point now where we can stop referring to ourselves as “digital marketers.” We’re just marketers. Which marketing today is not digital?

The second meaning I took was “bite” sized pieces. Meaning small, easily consumable and also easily shared. For example, a form with four questions is bite-sized compared to a form with 14 questions.

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What is a Lead Nurture campaign?

The term “lead nurture” or even just “nurture” is a term that gets used a great deal, and I suggest, to mean many things.

For this presentation, a lead nurture campaign targets those who have expressed an interest in what you do but are not ready to make a buying decision.

Nurturing keeps future students engaged by providing the most relevant content (such as course outlines, student testimonials, ebooks, open days and webinars) for their situation.

If done well, lead nurturing can build strong brand loyalty long before a future student is ready to buy.

What’s different about a lead nurture campaign compared to your other campaigns?

It’s aligned strategically

It’s always-on, not calendar-based

It’s almost “set & forget

Test & learn, aka optimise

…and it’s very easy to over-complicate

10 Truths about marketing after the pandemic*


Of the 10 truths presented by HBR, #2 continues to be relevant today: 

  • Old truth: You are competing with your competitors.
  • New truth: You are competing with your customer’s last best experience.

*SOURCE: Harvard Business Review | 10 Truths About Marketing After the Pandemic by Janet Balis | March 10, 2021 – You may get complimentary access to this HBR paper, however, it’s generally only available to HBR subscribers.

The Memorial Church, Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA, USA | Winter 2015 | Photo by Derek Bell

The Memorial Church, Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA, USA | Winter 2015 | Photo by Derek Bell

When your goal is Byte sized pieces, try these tips

Consider these changes to enhance your engagement with multiple parties, not just students.

Know your buyer

An Australian University education is a significant investment for most international students.

By mapping the prospective student journey, you will be in a much better position to present relevant and timely content to engage them.

Journey mapping is a great visual way to bring marketers together, wrapped around the needs of your audience.

Byte sized pieces

This is not just about Content, it’s also about micro engagements. The moments that matter.

When was the last time you felt truly connected to a brand, and why? Chances are, it was because you felt understood and considered. It sounds easy enough. But as Marketers, we know achieving such a connection requires…

Consider an Audit to ensure you’re maximising Marketing Automation.

With staff turnover, institutional knowledge can be lost, critical processes can be out of date.

Over time, your Marketing Automation community of users will create Programs and Campaigns, change integrations, and more. It is critical to maintain some of these functions to ensure they reflect your current needs.

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