Are your newsletter campaigns serving the right content to the right people at the right time?

This month we looked at enhancing the personalisation of your newsletter campaigns with a focus on your strategy to drive your segmentation and content plan.


Newsletter campaigns are the mainstay for many digital marketers. There’s usually significant effort invested into the creation of content; however, we lose an opportunity to maximise that content if our focus is on a single, static email. Enter Eloqua’s design editors and multi-step campaigns.

Why this topic?

Of all the campaigns we create as marketers, the “newsletter” campaign is the mainstay for most.

It drops on a regular schedule, or at least that’s the objective.

Eloqua’s Email Design Editor has a robust template function that enables you to save time and deliver a more consistent CX every time.

This month we looked at the personalisation of these campaigns. Not everyone needs to see the same content.

41% of marketers say that email is their most effective marketing channel. Runner-ups included Social media (16%) and Paid Search (16%).*

A defined newsletter strategy can help reduce stress levels

There are many reasons companies publish newsletters. It may well be a genuine newsletter and contain newsworthy content.

Other “newsletters” are perhaps just sales brochures masquerading as newsletters. That may be ok if your “sales brochure” gets clickthroughs and drives revenue – keep at it.

Cadence is necessary; a newsletter should be delivered on a regular cycle. This is also helpful should you need to send a bespoke communication that is genuinely newsworthy. 

Having something out of sync with the schedule can help enhance open rates and overall engagement. Just don’t overuse that tactic.

Using personas to develop your content is helpful as you consider your target audience. 

With good quality data, Eloqua’s Dynamic Content can help personalise each newsletter to subscribers.

Is your marketing automation strategy driving the content & CX of your newsletter campaigns? 

The first step is to ensure your newsletter is tied to your overall marketing strategy & objectives. What’s the purpose of your newsletter?

Is it a newsletter or a sales brochure masquerading as a newsletter?

There is a difference.

Few other professions are in the same position as modern marketers. We don’t have to make assumptions about campaign performance, we can measure almost any aspect of a campaign.

Avoid “newsletter stress”

If you have conversations with the team like below, this could contribute to your stress levels.

  • The newsletter is due out this week!
  • What are we talking about?
  • Will my colleagues have the content ready?
  • Who are we emailing?
  • Will the artwork be ready?
  • Will we make the deadline?

Let your strategy guide your personalisation.

The quality of your profile data will determine each newsletter’s personalisation level. 

You may have a newsletter with up to ten articles. However, each subscriber will see no more than five articles, and you will use profile data to drive the rules in your Dynamic Content.

The better your profile data, the more targeted your newsletter can be. 

PRO TIP: The default content in your Dynamic Content can be blank, i.e. no content.


Understand your audience to tailor content & personalise

To help you build more personalised newsletters, you need profile data.

You also need a strategy and a set of tactics to obtain the data.

One of the best ways to do this is by launching a Subscription and Preference Centre

The preference centre allows you to capture key subject areas that may interest your target audience. You can then use that data, either stored on the Eloqua Contact or on a Custom Data Object – or a mix of both.

Provide your audience with one central place to share their preferences & details.

Eloqua is the best place to capture, store and manage the expressed & implied preferences of your audience. 

Don’t limit those preferences to email; you can include a person’s consent for SMS, snail mail/post, telemarketing and more.

These details can be synced back to your CRM platform, e.g. Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Service Cloud and more, to which Sales, Call Centre team members and others have access.

As more jurisdictions worldwide tighten their privacy legislation, organisations are increasingly pressured to manage the opt-in and opt-out process better. 

That pressure generally falls on the marketing team.

Eloqua can help you with your compliance requirements. 

The Eloqua Design Editor provides you with a code-free environment to create gorgeous emails & landing pages

Our focus was the Email Design Editor this month. However, the personalisation functionality across emails and landing pages is much the same on Eloqua Landing Pages.

Use Insight analytics to uncover your highest-performing content

I’ve seen clients use various tactics to get the right content in their newsletters. 

Those with the greatest success are digging deep into Eloqua Insight analytics and constantly evaluating what’s working and what’s not.

I’d suggest you start with the Campaign Analysis Overview report. Once you identify the highest-performing campaigns, you can then go down a level and use the Email Analysis Overview report to identify the highest-performing emails.

From there, you may find the Email Clickthrough Link Breakdown, your final step in the process.

PRO TIP: Once you identify the high-performing email assets, you will find the Eloqua Email Performance Dashboard helpful, specifically the Click Map visual representation of your email. It’s essentially a visual representation of the Insight Email Clickthrough Link Breakdown report.

Combined, these reports will help you identify the content that’s working. 

How do you define “highest-performing”?

PRO TIP: Focussing on “unique” metrics is generally the best approach.

For example, Unique Clickthroughs, Unique Form Submissions, Unique Opens etc.

“Possible forwards” while not an exact science, is a good indicator of the perceived value of an email if someone chooses to forward it to a colleague to friend.

To help you get started, try ranking your Campaigns by the highest Unique Clickthroughs.

Then, repeat with individual email assets.

You will be in a good position to know which content is generating the highest engagement.

Eloqua Release 24A went live in February

A few highlights for 24A include the release of an updated Oracle ZOOM app by Oracle Labs which now incorporates both Zoom Webinar and Zoom Meetings.

The team at Zoom Video Communications, Inc., has also released a new app for Eloqua users. The key difference is that the Zoom app (built by Zoom Inc.) allows you to integrate Zoom Events with Eloqua, along with Meetings and Webinars.

Additional areas of Eloqua have migrated to the Redwood Design Experience.

Oracle has also updated how Hard Bounce data is received and then presented back to you. The end goal is more accurate reporting, helping you deliver more emails without negatively impacting your sender score or deliverability.

  • Eloqua’s new Redwood Experience: Hyperlink Manager and External Activities Upload now available in Eloqua’s Redwood Experience (open controlled availability). Check out our Redwood Experience in Eloqua yourself! [Learn More]
  • Oracle’s Zoom App for Eloqua: Now becomes generally available without needing to request access
  • Generative AI Enhancement: Subject Line Recommender for Email Editor (Limited CA for those with the AI Add-on).
  • Additional Security Headers: Permissions-Policy Header and Referrer-Policy Header added.
  • Webhook App for Eloqua: Becoming generally available for all customers with 24A, push contact data to 3rd parties from Eloqua campaigns or programs (POST requests)
  • Updates to Eloqua APIs, SMS Add-on, Email Bounce Processor enhancements and Form Dependency Export.

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