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Choose your own adventure

Throw away the script folks, this Eloqua User Group episode went rogue!

December Eloqua User Group | Americas Episode

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This month we turned the agenda over to our subscribers & invited them to submit a question as they registered. We’ve listed some of the details below, however, watch the replay for the full explanations.

Choose your own adventure, Eloqua Q&A

The December Eloqua User Group provided an opportunity for subscribers to submit an Eloqua or Marketing Automation-related question. We attempted to answer most of the questions, and in some cases, a few questions were similar.

Automating data loads into Eloqua 


“Can Eloqua read off a spreadsheet and update contact data even if the spreadsheet is hosted outside the system?”


“We have a weekly report of contacts that we manually upload to a Segment each week as part of an ongoing campaign canvas.

Is there a way to ’email’ an Excel list to Eloqua and have it automatically uploaded to a Segment? (probably major security risks here!!)

Alternatively, can you talk us through the FTP upload feature of Eloqua and how it can upload new contacts from Excel file from the FTP. Can these new contacts be auto-assigned to a Segment / Canvas?”

Quick answer

Eloqua can communicate with external platforms in a variety of ways. These two questions from Jackson in Canada and Elizabeth in Brazil are easily accommodated by Eloqua.

We have a number of clients doing this today.

Adjusting when an email can be delivered


“In the ‘wait’* step, can you specify business days? (I don’t want the weekend days to be counted).”

*This question relates to the Wait element from the campaign canvas, a Multi-Step Campaign.”

Quick answer

You can do as Neepun from the US has asked; it’s just that you don’t use the Wait element to do it.

Enhancing emails & landing pages with GIFS


“Can I include GIFS in emails and landing pages?”

Quick answer

Yes & yes. In both the Email and Landing Page Design and Source Editors.

Eloqua Tracked Fields, why you might use them 


“Can you explain a little about tracked fields and how you choose which 10 you want to track and what you might do with a tracked field?”

Quick answer

They have multiple applications. If you need to trigger something based on a field update, tracked fields may be the answer.

Simply pushing people through the same campaign path & ignoring their digital behaviour is a novice error

When you design your campaign canvas using Eloqua’s multi-step campaign tool, you can tailor the journey for each person based on their observable behaviour. Their observable behaviour includes their interactions with your emails, landing pages and forms. 

It also includes any visits they make to your Eloqua Landing Pages or your website/CMS. You can also determine if they clicked on specific links on any of those pages.

Keep it broad…

Most Decision elements on the campaign canvas are specific. For example, did the campaign member open X email? Did they click on X email or submit X form? These are helpful and help you narrow down to a single email, form etc asset.

Or have a laser focus…

What if you want to know not just that a person clicked on an email, but you want to know if they clicked on a specific URL?

The answer is Shared Filters. These filters allow you to ask multiple questions in a single canvas element.

Year after year, marketers ask for assistance with their Event registration campaigns. 

You’ll find loads of content on our blog exploring a range of tips and ideas to help you get the most from Eloqua while ensuring you deliver the best possible event registration CX.

We chose three cool ways to help you deliver an awesome CX at your next event.

An event-tailored microsite

Using Eloqua Landing Pages to create an event-specific microsite is quick, can be code-free (Design Editor) and allows you to hyper-personalise the experience based on the profile and engagement data of your target audience.

Smooth check-in with QR codes

We’ve assisted various clients with the creation of a QR code generator associated with event registration and ticketing.

This app-free process means any marketer with a smartphone can check people in at events.

SMS reminders make a difference

Invite event registrants to opt-in to an SMS reminder and provide them with a conditional field to provide their mobile number. By using an Eloqua form on an  Eloqua Landing Page you can pre-populate their mobile phone number if you have it stored in Eloqua.

What’s new? What’s coming soon?

Release 23D included the release of the new Oracle Eloqua Zoom app and includes a few new features you’ll want to take advantage of as an Eloqua/Zoom client.

Oracle’s new user interface, Redwood Design was also made available to all Eloqua users without the need to log a service request with My Oracle Support. See below for further details.

We covered Release 23D in more detail last month. Click here to access the summary of enhancements.

Redwood Experience

Are you navigating Eloqua with the new Redwood Experience?

Soon after Release 23D in November of 2023, Oracle made Redwood Experience available to all Eloqua clients.

If you’re not clear on how to turn Redwood on or perhaps how to turn it off, visit our “How to…” page to learn more.

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