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September Eloqua User Group Webinar


Just like “apps” you add to you smartphone, the Eloqua AppCloud contains hundreds of apps to help you easily connect with popular platforms like ON24, ZOOM, Facebook, Vidyard & others.

Why this topic?

Apps are usually looked at when a specific business or technical need arises and extensibility is needed. e.g. the technical requirement is beyond the core functionality of the platform.

For example, you want to run Webinars – clearly, Eloqua is not a webinar tool. However the question is then asked, could our webinar engagement data flow into Eloqua?

Enter the world of Apps.

That’s what this episode is all about, extensibility via apps.

Happy marketer.

Extensibility“, is designed to allow for the addition of new capabilities or functionality

The Oracle AppCloud is one way Eloqua users experience extensibility. Eloqua clients using webinar platforms like ON24, ZOOM, GoToWebinar etc understand how Eloqua extends to connect with 3rd-party platforms.

Beyond webinars, there are hundreds of Apps to help you connect with other Oracle and 3rd-party platforms.

As a high-level definition, Apps typically work with data to enhance it in a specific way beyond Eloqua’s native functionality.

For example, webinar Apps identify a person from Eloqua using their email address. They match it with the email address of the person who registered and potentially attended your webinar. The webinar App assigns them a status of “registered” and “attended” and then sends those statuses back to Eloqua enriching your Eloqua contact profile.

Take a look at these 4 Apps

You will need to have Eloqua Administrator access to add these Apps to your instance of Eloqua. As a Marketing Cube client, we can manage that for you. Simply contact Support.

The Contact Washing Machine

The Contact Washing Machine takes dirty contacts and cleans them. However, it does so much more than that. It’s used on the Campaign & Program Canvases.

> Learn more here

Form Submit Action

This form action brings all the power of form processing, including notifications, reposts and activity writing, directly to the campaign canvas as an action.

> Learn more here

Motiva AI for Oracle Eloqua

Generative Artificial Intelligence to supercharge your email marketing. This App only has 5.0-star ratings. Read the review to discover why.

> Learn more here

External Activity Creator

Create Oracle Eloqua external activities directly from the canvas. An area of Eloqua more clients could exploit. We use this app at Marketing Cube regularly.

> Learn more here

How is a “Connector” different to an “App”?

Long before “Apps” was a thing…. Eloqua had Connectors. Connectors were usually created using APIs to connect a cloud-based application to Eloqua.

Over time architecture changed which meant Connectors could be “packaged” as an App e.g. “one-click installation” – sort of. Connectors remain because not all integration can be achieved with a single-click.

Eloqua SMS is neither an App or a Connector

Eloqua’s SMS functionality is ‘native’ to the platform, just as the ability to send emails, build landing pages or produce forms are also ‘native’ to Eloqua.

The only difference is, that Eloqua SMS is an “add-on”. That’s a commercial term, not a technical term. You can purchase Eloqua SMS for an additional fee in order to add it to Eloqua’s native functionality.

Marketing Cube SMS

Whether you gain opt-in for permission-based marketing or offer a reminder service for events, webinars etc., SMS will lift engagement and help build out a person’s profile.

You create your message and configure it directly on the Eloqua’s campaign canvas.

Eloqua Zoom App Version 2.0 | Controlled Availability (CA)

ZOOM Video Conferencing.

The Oracle App team has been hard at work. We now have Controlled Availability access to the next version of the Eloqua/ZOOM app.

The big change, that we see great application for, is the ability to use Eloqua to manage both Zoom Webinars and Meetings.

Short, sharp & to the point. Campaigns with a single purpose

Just to be crystal clear from the outset, I’m not suggesting any of the following is an App.

We’re looking at exploiting the core functionality of Eloqua to help perform functions that may fall outside of the strict remit of the marketing team.

Update My Details”

This simple set of assets, a form, two landing pages and a confirmation email following completion of the form, can benefit the entire organisation.

It could be accessed by clients, students, members, partners and even vendors.

You could include a link to this “app” from your email footers, perhaps from your website.

Preferences & Subscriptions

An outstanding preference/subscription centre can serve multiple purposes. Beyond the core need to provide a place for people to “unsubscribe/opt-out”, your preference/subscription centre can be used as a “sign-up” form for newsletters etc.

It can be the focal point for a re-engagement campaign, a great place to direct people inviting them to share with you, what’s important to them.

What’s news? What’s coming soon?

Oracle Cloud World takes place 18-21 September 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. 20,000+ Oracle clients, partners and others will come together over four days to discover new and exciting plans for the Oracle suite of software and hardware.

In other news…

The hyperscalers are joining forces to help customers fully migrate to the cloud — and place their data closer to Microsoft services to facilitate cloud-native development and AI experimentation.

 Thor Olavsrud – Senior Writer | CIO.com

While our focus is clearly on the cloud-based world of marketing automation or our Oracle Marketing and Salesforce Marketing Cloud clients, this industry news is great news more broadly.

Some of the organisations we work with have legacy on-premise platforms amongst their tech stack. It can be costly and complex to access that data for use by marketers. 

As more of these legacy systems are migrated to a cloud environment, an increasing amount of data becomes available for marketing teams to access, to personalise their campaigns and be much smarter as they build audiences and segments.

We will continue to watch closely as Microsoft and Oracle expand their partnership.

Microsoft and Oracle Expand Partnership to Deliver Oracle Database Services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure

Oracle Press Release: 14 Sep, 2023

“We have a real opportunity to help organizations bring their mission-critical applications to the cloud so they can transform every part of their business with this next generation of AI,” said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft. “Our expanded partnership with Oracle will make Microsoft Azure the only other cloud provider to run Oracle’s database services and help our customers unlock a new wave of cloud-powered innovation.”

“Most customers already use multiple clouds,” said Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and CTO. “Microsoft and Oracle have been working together to make it easy for those customers to seamlessly connect Azure Services with the very latest Oracle Database technology. By collocating Oracle Exadata hardware in Azure datacenters, customers will experience the…”

Microsoft expands partnership with Oracle to bring customers’ mission-critical database workloads to Azure

Microsoft Press Release: 14 Sep, 2023

“The vast amount of data in today’s enterprises provides a great opportunity to get valuable insights that enhance an organization’s products, goods and services. At the same time, many companies are migrating to the cloud to take advantage of its flexibility, efficiency and scale.

With the recent advances in generative AI, businesses face new urgency to bring cloud services like analytics and machine learning to one of their most valuable technology environments: data. According to Gartner, the database market grew 14.4% this year and is on course to be a more than $100 billion market by the end of 2023. The overwhelming contributor to that growth is…”

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