2023 IEAA Marketing & Recruitment Forum

21-22 June 2023

Sydney, Australia

120+ marketers from Australian and New Zealand universities, colleges, TAFE and high schools came together in Sydney last week for the IEAA (International Education Association of Australia).

The presentations covered a range of pressing topics faced by marketers. Topics included using Gen AI, hot topics in International Student recruitment, marketing automation, using TikTok to reach international markets, available government data sources, how to present data in a more digestible way and more!

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AI-generated text: Generative AI concerns & opportunities for marketers.


“Ready or not, we’re rapidly heading into a world where generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and others do more of marketers’ day-to-day work. That transition is not much in question. The only question is how well your organization makes that transition. To make that transition as smoothly as possible, we recommend…”

How to avoid the ethical
nightmares of emerging


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The right to be wrong, be free, go your own way.

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A few quick wins

Consider these changes to enhance your engagement with multiple parties, not just students.

Develop a communication strategy to further engage your Agents & deliver greater value

In many industries, this is called “Partner Management” or “Channel Management”.

For many educational institutions, working with Agents in foreign markets can represent up to 80% of your applicants. Developing stronger relationships with your Agents will help elevate your brand.

Lead Scoring helps you bring your more active prospective students to the surface.

Eloqua clients have this functionality available today, we can help you get started.

Eloqua co-dynamic lead scoring allows you to combine profile and engagement data combined with recency to help you identify your target audience. Your target audience can be prospective students or perhaps your more highly engaged Agents.

Consider an Audit to ensure you’re maximising Eloqua Marketing Automation.

With staff turnover, institutional knowledge can be lost, critical processes can be out of date.

Over time your Eloqua community of users will create Programs, Campaigns, make changes to integration and more. Maintenance of some of these functions to ensure they reflect your current needs is critical.

Where does your organisation sit on the Marketing Automation Maturity model?

Spend a few minutes responding to a series of questions and we’ll provide you with a result at the conclusion. 

The elements of value* people buy from people.

On day 2 of the forum, the team from The Ambassador Platform had a few current students on the stage in a panel discussion.

If you attended the forum, do you remember one of the students using the word “anxiety” several times? They indicated that various steps in the application process created anxiety and they were looking for ways to reduce that anxiety.

The HRB article, The B2B Elements of Value clearly outlines the business-to-business buyer. At the end of the day people buy from people and the high value of what you’re selling is far more like the B2B world than it is the B2C world. You are not Amazon.com.

SOURCE: Harvard Business Review “The B2B Elements of Value | How to measure and deliver what business customers want by Eric Almquist, Jamie Cleghorn, and Lori Sherer.

That quote I mentioned about anxiety

“As B2B offerings become ever more commoditized, the subjective, sometimes quite personal concerns that business customers bring to the purchase process are increasingly important. Indeed, our research shows that with some purchases, considerations such as whether a product can enhance the buyer’s reputation or reduce anxiety play a large role. Recognizing the full range of both rational and emotional factors behind business purchases—and tailoring the value proposition accordingly—is critical to avoiding the commodity trap.”*

2023 IEAA Marketing and Recruitment Forum.
2023 IEAA Marketing and Recruitment Forum.
2023 IEAA Marketing and Recruitment Forum.
2023 IEAA Marketing and Recruitment Forum.

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